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Thread: SimHQMotorsports at the VEC 24 Hours of Le Mans

  1. Default SimHQMotorsports at the VEC 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Hi everyone,

    Today's the big one. 24 hours. Jon Uyan, Brian van Beusekom, Nic da Silva, and I will all be taking part in the race. #29 SHQM LMP2, sitting in Division 2.

    Division 1 stream here: (main channel, stream will be in four parts)

    Division 2 live timing: Live Timing D2 | Home of The Virtual Endurance Championship and The Virtual Le Mans Series

    We are not in Division 1, however

    Other members from CMS participating include Shawn Campbell and JT Tami with Champion Racing. I'm sure there are others as well!

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    Bon chance to all!

    -See You On Track!

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    Our race reports:

    We thank our sponsors P1 Media, CMS and Crew Chief for their support.

    SHQM #29 LM-P2 in Div2: 2018 VEC Le Mans

    SHQM #20 LM-P1 in Div3: 2018 VEC Le Mans

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    I was wondering how this turned out. Thanks for the update! Great job by all of you!

    -See You On Track!

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