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Thread: Ronde de la Giraglia

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    Had some troubles with my steering wheel and/or pedals :/

    On the very first stage the car went full throttle on its own and didnt accept any steering input, tried to solve it in the options menu but the wheel was completely acting up, so Retired on Leg 1.

    The next few stages on Leg 2 were fine, until the same error ocurred again, the car went full throttle on its own after a hairpin, no steering input ... luckily i just damaged the transmission and i could finish the stage, then i used one car repair.

    The last two stages were fine and i made it through, so at least some points since its only me and another guy in my class.

    I`m just not lucky right now ...

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    RS event for me. I have worked out I really shouldn’t drive on a Monday or Tuesday, I seem to fling the car off the road more often on these nights than the rest of the week! Another non finish.

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    Do this rally for stable this week
    Finaly on finish without any problems
    I am not the fastest on Sorica and Peyregrosse-Mandagout but safe and sound
    Hope for more points than last weeks wait to tomorrow

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    I still have a few things to iron out, I'm now using 540 rotation as I can't get my profiler to work.

    I thought I had learned how to drive with it but lost control on the fast section in 5th gear just after the tight village bit on Peyregrosse and slammed the poor old Fabia into the bridge-protection on the right and smashed her to smitherines...

    This season is not going the way I would have wanted but will take a chill-pill and look for finishes in the rallies to come and what ever comes with it will be a bonus.

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