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Thread: Johannesburg ('75 F1) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Default Johannesburg ('75 F1) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Sorry, didn't make it in, game finally got working about 9:15. I had to roll back my Nvidia video drivers two x.
    Waiting for the replay, bet it was a blast!

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    Great race Jason!

    Brette too.

    Great thanks to Pete for the tough race. It took everything I had to get that 3rd place. For the 1st 10 laps, I was doing great in 3rd, I did not have Joe's pace.
    Behind, Denis, Pete and Brette were settling their differences... Denis spun and Pete had more wings on so Brette cleared them both and got closer and closer until, my CrewChief (a plugin) pulled one out on me and I burst out laughing, missing a braking mark and making me spin.
    I knew Brette was the one following me and what CrewChief said was "Forget that Fu__er in your mirrors and keep doing your lines" or something to that effect... it was too much! LoL!
    After the spin I continued but going down the gears to get going, I ended up in the middle of the track with Pete arriving at speed... he braked and I tried to get out of the way. No contact but that was close!

    So Pete goes by and I get on with trying to reel him in. Took 3 laps to do it but as I got close enough I blew my braking reference for the last corner and spun. Again without hitting anything. This time Bruno and Tony both go by.
    It took me 3 laps to get back and pass them. Then it took 10 laps to get back to Pete. we diced for a few laps but he had more wing than I had so I could just pass by on the straight.
    So back in 3rd as Joe expired, I knew I had nothing for Brette so I slowed down to a more sustainable pace. Well I relaxed too much and Pete actually got by... WHAAA??? Back on the "loud pedal", I got by him again a few laps from the end.
    That was a hoot!


    One thing I need to set straight here, I did not fix the "crackling sound issue". It's actually Reiza Studios who did the trick.
    There is a thread for the sound issue on Reiza's Support Forums and after exchanging with them, one of the tech, Domagoj Lovric, asked for the sound clips so I supplied the link to to the RAR archive.
    The next day, it was done! So the big cheers goes to Dom at Reiza.


    Trying to make little video clips of our races. I'm trying to get x264vfw64 to repeatedly behave the same way from one test clip to another is... fraked up. I just put one up in the Post Velopark thread but it's too compressed.
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    Well that was interesting.

    I had a no-qual-drive-thru penalty. Given the 31 mph pit speed I figured it really wasn't worth it to run the race from so far behind. So I considered doing one lap after the drive through and calling it a night. Remembering how many Ferrari engines I've blown up I reconsidered. Instead I'd use my alone-time on track to see if I could keep the engine in one piece for 45 minutes.

    Given the relatively small field, with a little luck from dnf's, I noted some decent points might also be snagged. IF I didn't destroy the motor.

    And that's the way it worked out. Didn't blow it up. Had some fun swapping places with Mr. Page a few times (thanks Aaron ). And ended up in 6th place. Given the givens, it worked out way better than I expected.

    Congrats to all intrepid drivers taking the green flag.
    blue skies, jerry

    Pass carefully - Driver chews tobacco

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    My race can be summed up with a simple "UGH!," the only redeeming factor being the fun laps I had racing Jerry (who, btw, made his pass on me with a textbook move -- was fun, Jerry, while it lasted!). I had so many offs by halfway that I nearly parked it. But, like Jerry, I persevered simply out of stubbornness, and actually finished, having raced most of the race with aero and suspension problems.

    My congrats to all who finished this one!

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    Well, that did and didn't turn out as expected.

    Took the pole after finally dipping a lap into the very high 1:11s. That was the first one sub 1:12, but for a few days before the race I knew I could do those (and probably a bit more had I got it just right)
    I love that performance delta bar, I find it really beneficial to see where I'm losing/gaining time, where I can push, etc.
    So, I'd been seeing potential 1:11s for a few days, but on a "medium" rubbered in surface I just couldn't make it stick (final corner exit is substantially more grippy when the track is rubbered in)

    Of course, sitting on the start/finish waiting for green I was thinking I was about to lose this position. Wasn't bothered by it, I knew the low wings would allow me to keep up and the plan was just wait it out, follow whoever led (I assumed Joe) and just wait. Didn't really want to be out front anyways as the draft is quite intense and overtaking in the draft is quite easy, not much can be done to stop it.

    Didn't work out that way. For a change, I launched from the start without any bog. Sort of surprised me and I headed into T1 wondering if I'd jumped the start. Started searching the screen for a penalty message. I guess the first few rows bogged a bit, but nothing major and it wasn't a huge launch ahead for me, but it was enough to give a bit of breathing room as the tires/brakes warmed (and my nerves chilled out)

    From there it was just trying to do consistent laps. Managed that well enough.
    Even though, after some laps, I had about a 4 second gap to P2, I knew better than let up with Joe on my heels. I also knew better than to push the car too hard with a pro back there managing tires and just waiting me out. It may appear that Joe was "racing" me, I'm pretty certain he was just sizing me up :P

    After some more laps, the gap starts to disappear. Suddenly, Joe is right on my tail again. I'm in danger of being overtaken!
    I decided it best not to defend the lead. Was just going to make him work for it a bit, then fall behind him, wait it out and start assessing what I could do to overtake on exit of final corner. I had the low wings and figured I could take the lead (perhaps even on final lap) as we left the final corner and before start/finish line.

    That was the plan. However, plans always change during a race and the final 10 minutes did NOT go as expected.
    While lapping some cars, Joe unfortunately got caught up with a lapped car that half spun as we were going by...had to stop in the track to avoid a T-bone situation, but then gassed it too hard I guess and damaged the car. A short time later, he announced on TS that his car was dead, engine gone.
    The gap to P3 was large, from that point on it was just coast to the finish and take the win

    It was unexpected...and, I was interested in how it would have played out.
    One thing for certain, a win would not have been nearly as easy had Joe not had issues. In fact, it might have been taken. Hard to say.

    And, while I wish we'd been able to see it play out, in terms of championship points race, I'm glad it played out the way it did (sorry Joe...hehe)
    I blew it at Interlagos and took a this was definitely something I needed in the points race.
    Now things look much more interesting up front for sure!

    Big thanks to all those that showed up to race. Hope it was enjoyable.
    Grats to podium positions, overall and seniors.

    Good race, was fun.

    Next stop, Hockenheim.
    Can't wait, this track is SUPERB! One of the best in AMS, imo.

    See you guys there, and hopefully a few more that are registered here will have time to join for the next one!

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    All I have to say is, it's best to stay on the track if you are being lapped. The leaders will find a way around. There is no grip on the curb and it will cause a spin if you have the wheel cranked.

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