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Thread: Opala '86, Velopark (Round 3) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Default Opala '86, Velopark (Round 3) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Wow! I can't believe nobody got here right after the races with a comment or ten! First off, congrats to Brette and Gilles for their wins. Last night was an absolute blast in the back pack, with each of us giving the other all he could handle. There's no way I could have lasted a 45 minute race, but two twenty minute races were perfect for this track/mod combo. I don't think I had a single three second period where someone wasn't right on me, or I wasn't right on someone, and there was a TON of respectful aggression. Peter and Marcelo and Jerry and Jimmy, thanks for the good time.

    I don't remember which race (I have yet to watch the replays), but in the early laps of one race I made contact with Marcelo as he was passing me. Marcelo, that was unintentional, bud; I was turning in and didn't realize you were up to my door -- glad to see it didn't effect your race. Pete, thanks for your measuring me up for a few laps before finally getting by me (nice pass!), and Jerry -- both races, nearly every lap -- catching you was one thing.... damn, that was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaron page View Post
    Wow! I can't believe nobody got here right after the races with a comment or ten!
    Write a race report after all that?
    I was toast after those two races, no way I could have written any intelligible.

    I had hoped we'd all enjoy this track, or better yet, the racing to be had with this particular combo.

    It was what I expected and then some.

    My own race,

    I barely managed to put a lap together for the pole. I knew it'd be close, but I wasn't hitting T1 with any bravery quite yet and the times just weren't what I had seen the night before.

    Race 1 I got a fairly horrible start, nerves I think (I hate leading a formation lap...hehe)
    Ryan came flying through after a great start and took the lead (IIRC..kind of a blur as there was a LOT going on and I haven't watched the replays)
    From that point, Ryan, Gilles, myself, Brette seemed to break away from the others after a few laps. I spent most of the race following, didn't really have the extra umph to actually overtake anywhere that I felt safe enough (and not like I was about to throw my race away for one position)

    As we got closer and closer to the end, the 1-2 battle heated up and eventually Gilles went for the lead on Ryan in the second chicane. Didn't work out, and Gilles spun off, and back on as I took a wide track around him, Ryan slamming over those anti cut curb things (devils!)...we came out the other side with me pretty much in his exhaust. I spent the next laps applying as much pressure as I possibly could, hoping to force a mistake as it was getting late in the race. With only a few to go, he made a little mistake in the final hairpin, I tried to squeeze to the right but didn't fully make it, slight contact, no harm really, but it slowed us up just enough for Brette to somehow squeeze by with perfect timing as he exited the hairpin, to the right of both of us, taking the lead.
    I ended up P2 in all that beautiful chaos and decided not to push it as Brette had a few seconds on me.

    Race 2 was very different for me as I got a decent enough start and kept the lead into the initial corners. Rather than following and feeling comfortable doing so, I was forced into a position setting the pace, wanting to hold the lead, but not kill the tires at the same time. I was hard on the tires in those laps as I was uncomfortable and jerking the car around, or at least it felt that way!

    I led for a long time, but from the 3 minutes in mark I was on a flatspotted tire *cough or 4
    Had increased brake pressure to max and was locking up too much, more than likely did it in the second chicane because I knew my entry was slower than Gilles, who was not at all letting up off my rear from minute 1.

    I knew that's eventually where the action would occur, so I attempted to be smooth and gain time elsewhere to distance myself from P2. A few times it would start to work, I'd pull out 3/4 of a second or so, but I'd just lose it elsewhere and by that second chicane Gilles was right back on my rear bumper.
    A few times he appeared to pull out there to overtake, or maybe just looking, and I made a slight veer track left, but by the time he actually went for it I had settled on trying to hold the outside line when he came and outbraking there, squeezing if I had to. But, I was a bit passive on the response, gave him far too much room, and he just went on by like it was It was a good pass, but I could and should have put up quite a bit more fight given I was leading the race
    ...that's what happens when one doesn't balance well the time to be respectful and not block verse the time to be a bit more aggressive and at least make a move.
    Live and learn, but it was a TON of fun. These cars beg for a bit of door banging action and this was the perfect place for a bit of that without it ending in wrecked cars.

    Everyone appears to have do a great job balancing the respect and aggression aspects of it. Definition of gentlemen racing, imo!

    Well done to Brette and Gilles.
    Also have to say, damn good job to those that were lapped. Not once did a lap car cause major issues for me or any cars near the front that I'm aware of, if so I did not see it.
    Being lapped here must have been nuts!

    Next track is Cascavel.....a far cry from the tight quarters and turns of Velopark.
    For those not familiar with it, it's a great course, I do think everyone will enjoy driving this one. Nice sweeping corners and neat elevation changes.

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    Whew! These cars are fun but, dang, on a tight track like this you barely have time to breathe. I'm wondering what it would be like to get rid of the right turns, throw some dirt on the track, and just go sliding around in circles. Whoopie!

    The racing was close, tight, and a bunch of fun. No major screw ups and made it to the flag in both. Halfway through the first race the car's handling went south. I changed some things for the second race and didn't have the problem.

    I thought it might end up as a destruction derby but was, instead, impressed by the excellence of all the drivers around me. In all the passing and close racing I think I only had a couple of very light contacts with other cars. All the drivers I saw exhibited the best of gentlemen-driver behavior. It is a real pleasure racing with this group. And makes it all the more fun.

    Congrats to all the gentlemen drivers taking the green flags.
    blue skies, jerry

    Pass carefully - Driver chews tobacco

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    Good race summaries Jason.

    If not for a great start in Race 1, I am not sure I would have been able to stay with you, Gilles and Ryan. As you guys were having great battles, I was trying to put myself in a position to take advantage of any worn tires or close racing opportunities ahead. Gilles gifted me one spot and that made catching up easier. That close touch in the hairpin between Jason and Ryan made for a good opportunity to try and get ahead. A lucky break for sure to get by. But Ryan was not going to make T1 entry easy. I barely squeezed through T1 with a big high side lift on the inside. Thought I was going to go over. But my steering setup and the cars compliance was just enough to keep it in check. From then on it was all about hitting my marks without melting my tires in the process. Great fun!

    Race 2 was not such a great start and Joe's was much better (at the real start). That group pulled ahead and I just tried to manage the cars stability and tires. Not as much close racing as Race 1. And I was only able to gain P3 late due to a small curb clip by Joe. I did see Jason's rears locking up more in this one. Got to hand it to Gilles for managing the limit better in this race all the way to the finish.

    Also gotta hand it to the rest of the field. Not only did it look most were having great battles with each other, they were perfect gentlemen making room for others whom caught up. Great sportsmanship! A much better result all around than expected.

    Hope to see you guys at the next race, where we should be able carry more speed into and out of the turns

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    It's ok. It's very difficult to overtake in this track.

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    I'm trying to make a clip to go with my win but I'm having all kinds of issues as I'm trying to get a handle on x264vfw64. It's a video compression codec with many, many... many options.

    The one here is too compressed. When I use less compression, the audio gets out of phase with the video.

    Anyhoo, congrats to Brette for having grabbed the first race.

    In that first one, Ryan blew by Jason and me but I managed to get behind Ryan. On the 7th lap, I tried to get the lead from Ryan, I got alongside him but on turn in, he did not know I was there so we connected door to door. Ryan went wide but rejoined in third, I spun on the inside and got back in 5th. Spun again and finished 8th.

    In the second race, Jason got a good start and again, I was able to slot in 2nd. I was NOT going to do a repeat of the 1st race so armed with a lot of patience, I waited for it. Got it on lap 15. I got a good exit out of the last corner for the back straight while Jason's was so-so.
    Got by him and then tried to minimize mistakes until the end. All was well until Jason tried to get alongside at the end of the back straight... never was gonna happen... he figured it too and locked up pretty good but bumped me hard enough to send me around. Jason had already slowed so to wait for me to get back on track but Brette could have stolen both race if it was not for Aaron, who had slowed down to let us by, saw me parked it backwards right in front of his car... where he hit me in the door, pointing my car back in the right direction, thank you Aaron, Jason and me floored it forward, preventing Brette to get the 2nd race. Better luck next time bud!

    First lap with Joe, then 3 laps with Jason and a change to me as I pass for the lead.
    Then it's an incar lap with Joe followed by the last lap, incar with Brette, where at the end of the back straight.. mayhem!
    Oh! And a dance...

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    I fixed my link

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