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Thread: Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2018

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    Default Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2018

    I drive this one as a carrer rally in the Skoda Fabia R5.
    It was a ok first day, i had a small mistake on the last stage of the day, i had a spin in there and lost about 10 sec so no big drama, but still annoying.

    Times and standings after day one in the box

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    Well I finished, in rally 2, 9th in WRC. Gres beat me by .88 seconds. 🤬

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    Event complete for me too, Day 1 was a complete disaster crashing out on SS2, kept it between the trees on both passes of Vieux Moulin on Day 2 only to fall foul of a tree which wasn’t there on the first pass of Mustaselka but had grown rapidly between passes!

    Day 3 and two passes of Hualapai Nation II filled me with dread, I always seem to end up in high speed rolls on this one, sure enough two rolls on the final sector of the first pass left the steering at a jaunty angle and I decided that a mid stage service was required so that added a good three minutes onto the next stage which without the service would have been a pretty good time.

    A couple of stalled overshoots in Kormoran produced a mediocre time then another pass of least favourite stage in the game. Once again I reshaped the roof of the Impreza, but at least no tracking or suspension damage ensued, that left the final stage where I think my grandmother would have gone faster (and she’s no longer with us) but this at least gave a finish, 5 minutes down on Gene but only one place behind in the overall standings.

    All that after running a 10K today, I’m off to bed!

    Times and standings in the box.

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