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    Tonight i drive the Olympus rally for stable
    First stage i make 1 mistake to drive to hard in the first sector not lose many time, make the same mistake on stage 4 again i make a 360 but can go on.
    Other stages going well, on Greenhills II i dont listen to my navigator and goes left on the first time on the river lose time had to be going straight , and drive too hard to getting time back and going to wide in a corner and hit the marshals
    They need to the hospital i hope they going well now and i lose more than a minute on this stage.
    Times in dropbox
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    Stable rally for me too. Large mistake on Day1 and spent more than 2 minutes.
    Broken cooler and as result dead engine at 1 km from first stage finish on Day2.
    Lancia Delta Integrale HF is very strong car after Peugeot 208 R2 without sufficient adaptation
    No points for the Team on this week, sorry.
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    Stable for me also, beginning to see a pattern this week, kill the car in Leg 1 and finish the rally having lost a bucket of time!

    Some reasonable times in Leg 2, just so far back with so many bogey times on the first day. Grrrr.

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    Last day done,
    No mistakes on this last stages, but not so fast was a bit tired, after 150 km cycling(do everything to be in shape for virtuel rally)
    A pitty of my fault in leg 1 but bring back the car in the garage, and hope for more points than last week
    Standings on dropbox.

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    Finished the rally, a solid run, no big mistakes and hope to get some good points.
    Results in the box

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