Lots of cool stuff coming for rFactor 2
Going to be fun choosing what to run

Here's the news update we promised earlier:

Our Apex GT3 mod, which`covers cars from 2006 through 2013, is at build v.960. We are going to focus on getting the mod fully integrated with the latest publicly available rFactor2 tech in order to release v1.0 this Summer (and it will be free).

The mod will contain the cars currently available with the Bentley Continental as a standalone (still free), as a bonus car since it doesn't exactly belong in that grid. The Bentley will be matched with our next GT mod, focusing on the 2016-2018 period with cars seen in some of our previews. We want to get that done by the end of the year. Because of exponentially increasing levels of work required to properly create content, we'll have to focus on some paid content and the future GT mod will be the first.

Your support will be fundamental to us. We have a very rich internal roadmap and really wish to get through it, with some stunning cars in our pipeline. That said, well... We suppose it won't hurt to give you some more scoops! We fully intend to support our Endurance 1999 mod and have a build completed by the Le Mans 24 hours race in 2019! Our grid of cars keeps growing so it is a lot to get through, but we'll push very hard to accomplish that!

That is it for now, phew. We still have our beloved 1970 WSC cars in the backburner and fully intend on completing them in 2019 as well.