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Thread: Final Results CMS Rally Championships 2018

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    Default Final Results CMS Rally Championships 2018

    Hi guys,

    will do this over the weekend as there is much work patient :-)

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    Thanks for all your efforts on this Walter!
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    So finallly here are the results of the first CMS DiRT4 CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 for historic and modern rally cars.

    First of all a huge THANK YOU for all the guys who took part - I hope you had as much fun as I had !?!
    A bit sad is the fact, that many people signed-up for both leagues but not many people kept on going and some didn't even start/finish one rally.
    For the historic championship 21 drivers signed up, 15 had at least 1 point on the overall-leaderboard but only 9 drivers finished 5 or more rallies.
    For the modern championship we even had 31 sign-ups, 20 drivers had at least 1 point on the leaderboard but, again, only 9 drivers finished 5 or more rallies.

    I don't know what causes this problem. Is it the duration of the championships (10 weeks), loss of motivation, private things or other circumstances?!

    So let's talk about the championship for historic rally cars:

    On P1 and consequently first CMS DiRT4 CHAMPION FOR HISTORIC CARS 2018 is Daniel "Mirk" Trygg on Fiat 131 Abarth.
    Daniel won consecutive rally 3 to 9, that means 7 of 10 rallies (FRA, SCO, USA, NOR, FIN, ESP and WAL). Another podium on the final rally, a bad start at NZE and a DNS at Sweden make him a deserved champion! Congrats to Daniel who also reached the Quarter-Finals of the official Esports DiRT4 Worlds!!!

    P2 with 2 wins (NZE and AUS) and 8 podiums overall goes to Lutz "Walter Röhrl" Müller. He saw the checkered flag at all rallies and never finished worse than P5 in his Fiat 131.

    With a two-point-lead to the driver behind him, Niko "Nikonlainen" Kallio made it to last free space on the podium of the championship. Niko also finished all 10 rallies in his Fiat 131, he made it 3 times to the podium and his constanly driving results in P3 overall! Well done Niko! Highest finish was a P2 at USA.

    P4 goes to Thomas "Infected Harpy" Lambaerts. Thomas got better and better in his Lancia Stratos which means 4 podiums over the championship. His highest finish was a P2 at Spain. Like Lutz and Niko he finished all 10 rallies!!
    Next is Tommi "Wolfsmind" Neuvonen in his Ford Escort MkII on P5. Tommi had one podium at Sweden and missed the finish at Wales.
    Another 3 points behind Tommi is Dag Inge "D69_inge" Hansen finishing on P6 in his Opel Ascona 400. Dag drove 8 rallies to the end, reached the podium on the half of them and won Rally Sweden.
    On P7 finishes Ralf "Ralf_Mol" Rütz. Ralf finished all rallies of the championship but missed a podium in his Opel Kadett C GT/E. Well done Ralf!
    Ari "Iba_86" Ilves makes it to P8 - after a good start he missed the last 3 rallies and so he couldn't step on the podium a third time.

    And here is the final leaderboard for the historic championship:

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    So let's talk about the championship for modern rally cars:

    On P1 and consequently first CMS DiRT4 CHAMPION FOR MODERN CARS 2018 is Benjamin "Attraktiver Elch" Klumpp on Lancia Delta HF Integrale.
    Benjamin won the rallies at Sweden, Wales & Australia, finished 10 of 10 rallies with 8 of 10 possible podiums. Once "stopped" by the famous D4-bug when one stage-time isn't uploaded properly hit him at Finland but despite that he made it to the end on top of the table!!! Congrats Benni :-)

    P2 with 2 wins (NOR and FIN) and 5 podiums overall goes to Dag Inge "D69_Inge" Hansen. He changed his car from the '01 Focus to the Grp. A Escort RS at championship-halftime, saw the checkered flag at 8 rallies and never finished worse than P5. Well done Dag!

    Just 2 little points behind Dag finishes Lutz "Walter Röhrl" Müller on Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Lutz finished all 10 rallies, won at Spain and made it 4 times to the podium.

    P4 goes to Daniel "Mirk" Trygg - the champion of the historic championship. Daniel drove his Lancia to wins at New Zealand, Scotland & USA and 2 more podiums - but he missed to see the checkered flag at 3 rallies
    so the podium was too far away in the end.
    Next is Thomas "Infected Harpy" Lambaerts in his Ford Escort RS on P5. Thomas had 2 podiums and missed the finish at Scotland.
    P6 goes to Tommi "Wolfsmind" Neuvonen on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI. Tommi drove 9 rallies to the end, reached 2 podiums and missed the last rally.
    Nine points behind Tommi is Niko "Nikonlainen" Kallio finishing on P7 in his '01 Impreza. Niko missed a podium and the last 2 rallies of the championship.
    On P8 finishes Ralf "Ralf_Mol" Rütz. Ralf finished 9 rallies of the championship and finally made it to the podium at the last rally at Australia in his Lancia Delta HF!
    Ari "Iba_86" Ilves makes it to P9 - the winner of Rally France with podiums at Sweden and the US had a good start but somehow missed the last 3 events.
    P10 shows all the spirit that makes such a championship to what it is: Ripoll "Zekeemo" Brice finished 9 of 10, never even saw the podium at the horizon but kept on going all the time. He once wrote me that he's doing it because it's fun! That's what it's all about guys! Some might say: "Lutz, for you it's easy to say as you most times finish under the Top 5" but that's not the point! The next championship(s) I will prove that and take a car that doesn't perform best of the cars to choose.

    Enough written - here is the final leaderboard:

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    Thanks Lutz for a great event! It was really fun and proffesional from start to end. I really like these long events, it just to bad is was that mutch of a driver drop in the end.

    I never thought i would be in the top of a RWD championship. Maybee 6 months a go i could not even drive 100 meters on the track without spining or fly out of the track and in to the woods with these cars. I really hated these RWD cars, but now when i got the hang of it, they could be the most fun cars to drive.
    The modern championship was mess for me, i had some terminal damages and a game crash that lead to DNF on a cuple of stages, which made it difficult to reach the podium in the end.

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