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Thread: Shall we do a Rally-Summer-Championship ??

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    Default Shall we do a Rally-Summer-Championship ??

    Hey guys, the 2018s championships (historic and modern) are nearly over and one question arises: What now??

    My idea so far is, that we do a 10 Rally championship via the official CMS Club. 10 Rallies and 2 weeks time for each. So the rally lasts over 20 weeks and finishes right after the European summer...and enough time for everyone to finish the events.
    Cars used in this championship would be Group B cars - 4WD and RWD!

    So please take your time and give us a vote...

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    Come on boys, this is not such a difficult question ;-)

    Of course we could change the car's just a first idea!

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    Ok, seems the interest in D4 has died at no league at the moment!

    Maybe we just take a break as for most of us the summer is near...

    I'll keep you updated if anything happens in terms of Rally here at CMS...

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    Thanks for your efforts Walter. Hopefully something else fun and worthwhile will present itself after the break.
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    Thanks David,

    some guys want a Grp. B Summer League so we started a channel at Discord to promote this league...
    For everyone who wants to join, feel free to do so :-)

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