4:00pm west coast times and 7:00pm west coast times for today

I'm attempting to see if I/we can get this racing up and running now that iRacing has decent formats to run a complete show on dirt. . Had a good session earlier today. So I will be doing these races throughout the weekend and during the week to recruit drivers. I'm using the format for up to 50 drivers. With 5 heat races, transfers to the D, C, B, and the feature race. Iracing will adjust according to car count. Come on out and try your skills on the dirt.

(sorry about the class D4.0 or higher, trying to keep the little kids out.) If you want to race and are a member of CMS let me know and I'll change it up so you can participate. I'll boot the wrecking kids.

PLEASE READ: CMS and All Balls Racing presents 360 Sprints. Class D4.0 or higher to join. Iracing format and flags will be used.

Abusive language will not be tolerated.

MUST HAVE A MIC for communication. Note: Possibly use discord in the future as well.

30 minutes of practice, 1 fast repair, caution laps, lucky dog,

2 digit numbers only on cars, if you have 3 change it prior to entering.

All races start on iRacing call of the green INCLUDING restarts. jump the green and you will be put to rear of the field. Tracks will change up daily
All rules are under development and subject to change.

Thanks and have a good race.