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Thread: rFactor1 will not allow key code

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    Default rFactor1 will not allow key code

    Well My motherboard died, took out the hard drive and so I got all that fixed up. Loaded windows and all my important software like my games. Got to rfactor1 and it installs fine, even had my backup of the current mod all there so copied and pasted it to the new drive. Go to open it and comes up with the screen to buy or enter my key, Well I wrote it down so good for me there. entered it and apparently ISI no longer has the server running to accept the key....

    Any ideas how to fix this? Seems like rf1 is truly gone to me now.

    OK, got it sorted out now. ISI is only on Steam now, you need to follow the directions and fill out a form and Tim will send you your new Steam key and instructions. Here is the response I got from Tim:

    "I guess there is some confusion...

    Studio 397 have nothing to do with rF1, and nobody has ever said so. Nobody has said ISI aren't supporting rF1 either. ISI are supporting it - on steam.

    You can move your copy to steam by doing as advised on and filling out this form:

    All the best,


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    Tim Wheatley
    rFactor | rFactor 2 "

    So now it all works again. I have to figure out how to load different versions with different mods, I have my open wheel mods in one instance, dirt cars in another and gt in a different one, I also kept one for MNRL and my virgin installs too.
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    Hi Frank

    rFactor 1 & 2 are now a Steam only games. If you didn't migrate your old versions of rFactor over to Steam go HERE to read about how you can.
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    Thanks Dave, I actually tried reading the default page that comes up when I tried to enter my key code. I contacted Steam and they are supporting rf1 and are converting our CD/downloaded key codes. you will want to have your original e-mail and or your order number, confirmation and date of purchase. I had just got my last year so I have all my information. I filled out the form
    they ask to have me fill it out and now I just have to wait...
    I have had a few great people helping but some of there ideas aren't working either, hoping Steam will come thru as it is still a heck of a good sim for me..
    Thanks team.
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