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Thread: The lost art of minding your own business...hating on Budweiser...and click baiting.

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    Default The lost art of minding your own business...hating on Budweiser...and click baiting.

    In the category of nobody really cares and why is gossip being pandered as real news, posted some click bait, that was titled, "Mark Webber thinks...blah, blah, blah..."

    First of all, who cares what Mark Webber thinks, not me, but someone out there apparently does, because he was given a platform to suggest that Fernando Alonso is making a mistake by driving in the Daytona 24.


    First of all, I like Mark, but at some point in time everyone needs to take a big swig from the cup of shut the hell up. Second of all, how does this tripe even make it to print and third, why don't people just mind their own damn business when it comes to someone else's life decisions.

    Last time I checked, Mark Webber was neither a psychic or time traveler. Consequently, Webber has literally know idea whether Alonso's decision will impact him in a positive, negative, or neutral way. At best Marks statement is conjecture, at worst is simply gossip, as his argument is grounded in his own personal beliefs and devoid of any facts.

    It's akin to me saying that Budweiser taste like chilled urine, which it does by the way. However, that isn't an argument, it's just personal taste from a self proclaimed beer snob. So, if I say that you shouldn't drink Budweiser because it tastes like rancid bilge water, that is an unsubstantiated opinion, not a fact. Now, if I preface that sentiment with...I don't like Budweiser, because it tastes like the South bound end of a North bound donkey to me, then what I'm suggesting is that if you like drinking that swill, I'm okay with it, but I reserve the right to watch you do so with pretentious disdain.

    Right now your probably asking the question, "What is he on about!?!"

    I don't know really. I was mildly irked by the Webber article, I was bored, and I really don't like Budweiser. Mostly, I just kinda got off on a roll there and decided to see where this ridiculous train of thought would eventually lead me. As usual, the final destination was crazy town, but what can I say...every now and again I feel like channeling the spirit Peter Griffin.

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    Webber said Hulkenberg was with a second-rate team when he won Le Mans with Porsche is 2015...

    Isn't McLaren a second-rate team right now?? HAHAHA
    Jason Lundy
    iRacing co-admin
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    I think Alonso wants to experience a wider variety of motorsports and he's so talented that he can do so with great sucess. I love it. To call it a mistake is an elitist mentality.

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    Names like Andretti come to mind with WINNING in so many different types of car. My hat is off to Fernando and TBH I was pulling for him BIG time in the Indy 500. My favorite quote from that race " It does not matter, we will pass them all"
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    Love the rant, arrow straight to the bullseye. Crazy? absof#$kinglutely, but by golly I defend your right to say it!!
    Mark Ruggiero
    DiamondDog/Red Dwarf Racing

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