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Thread: Historics fun-run: Prototypes at Laguna Seca, Sat Dec 30

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    Default Historics fun-run: Prototypes at Laguna Seca, Sat Dec 30

    The Historics Series is taking advantage of the holiday break to host a rare Euro-friendly fun run featuring vintage prototypes at Laguna Seca. Join us in these epic rides, previewing the Historics winter season!

    The cars:

    Ford GT
    Porsche 908 (Porsche DLC required)
    Ferrari 330 (Ferrari DLC required)
    Jaguar XJ113 (Download link)

    Race Schedule:
    Qualifying at 11:45am CST (15 minutes)
    Race at Noon CST (60 minutes)
    Note a pit-stop for fuel will be mandatory!

    Server will be up by tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!
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    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    Haven't even set foot yet in the 908, so this would be a good reason.

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    The 908 used to have a severe disadvantage in fuel usage, but that was finally adjusted in the last update, will be interesting to see how it matches up now for potential enduro events.

    We’ll all be short on practice due to the late announcement, but don’t let that dissuade anyone, c’mon out and have some fun!
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    Interesting! Haven't raced online for a year... Maybe this should be promoted on the front page?
    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

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    Another good reason to use the Rift - good call

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    Very cool I am tentative based on some other plans that day but if they fall through for any reason will join in. -- DA
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    would have liked to run, but i bought the wrong ferrari pack. i`ll keep an eye out to run one of these events.

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    They are on sale now, good luck

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    I should make this, would be interested to see how assetto is online.
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    Server is up! XJ113 download link in original post.
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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