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Thread: CMS DRCC S4E7: Baumholder Rally

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    Default CMS DRCC S4E7: Baumholder Rally

    All sealed surfaces this time as we head to the Baumholder military complex!

    Event id: 183512

    Results from round 7


    In first place, Daniel Ort pulled off another win in the full tarmac German stages. After SS2 he was in 4th, but after winning SS2 and SS3 he jumped up to the top spot and would hold this spot the entire rally, winning a total of 8 stages. However since he changed cars twice he is not elegible to score points in his current car, so the full 25 points will go to the second place finisher.

    Dag Inge Hansen used his car change to upgrade to the 2007 Focus, and took second place in his new car. While he was briefly in first place at the end of SS2, in SS3 he slipped back to second and would hold on to this spot, taking two stages wins and maximum championship points along the way.

    Third place would go to Troy Dalton who battled for this position in the first half of the rally, and successfully defended it in the second half. He showed he has the speed to fight up front, taking a stage win on SS11.

    The championship is still very close, with only 7 points separating Troy Dalton in first and Simon Novak in second, and Magnar Haarstadsveen and Dag Inge Hansen sharing a tie in third place.


    We have our first champion of the season! Ismail Yakubu has clinched the title by being 35 points ahead of his nearest rival with one round left to go. Grats to Ismail!

    The historic class has been dominated by Ismail Yakubu, and this round was no exception as he scored another win in the Historic class. Lutz Müller would take the second place position, followed by Jonatan Åcerclinth in third.

    Driver Classes

    Dag Inge Hansen's second place overall finish gave him the win in CMSRC-1. There were no drivers this week in CMSRC-2. And in CMSRC-3, Troy Dalton makes it 7 for 7 on his way to winning every round of his driver class.


    RMI Motorsport took the team win this week 40 points with Dag Inge Hansen's second and Roy Magnes's seventh place finish (25 and 15 points respectively due to the rally winner being ineligible for points).

    In second, Team Fate was not far behind scoring 38 points from Troy Dalton's third place and Sean Jordan's sixth place (22 and 16 points respectively).

    In the championship standings, Team Fate has a 17 point lead over RMI Motorsport going into the final round.

    Standings after round 7

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    After unfortunately missing the end of the previous event (miss-calculated when the event would end so didn't do the rally in one sitting) but found this event as I logged in so drove it in anger in one sitting.

    Had a couple of spins but other than that I had a decent rally, this is the one rally where the Stratos is supposed to do ok, if I'm not able to get it to go somewhat fast here I know I'm useless in the car. The biggest issue is still, in the words of RL driver, I believe it was Waldegård but I could be wrong, watched the "history of the WRC" video where this was said "the Stratos was a good car but you had to drive it very aggressively and on the edge to actually make it go quick" and it seems to be true...


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    Bah... binned it on stage 6.

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    In Tar and Ice we showed how the 01 Focus can't keep up with the rivals of newer technology. Roy Magnes is our team chief, so to score against Dalton and Jordan in the asphalt rally we need to change something. Obviously I took the hint and came on top of "that guy" when I first got going in the first half. It's a car that handles very controlled, and can take steering input in all situations where the older cars are struggling in a drift or when the front wheels loose grip.

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    Been on holiday in the Netherlands and will start my "home rally" on tuesday or wednesday in the evening.
    The RDRC also takes place at Germany, so a lot of tarmac to be raced on next week...

    Well Jamie, your DNF could be my chance to climb the points table

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    Got 2 "cutting" reset penalties on stage 1 because I hung the ass out too wide onto the grass on a couple corners. Don't understand why the cut detection is so dumb. Wasn't like i would have gained anytime by sliding my ass out through the grass.

    Not my favorite surface. I like the gravel stuff much better.
    "The automobile is still a heap of mechanical components, and should feel like such, not like a smartphone on wheels" - Andreas Preuninger

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    Not a great rally for me overall, hard to find that line between commitment and crashing.

    Started out fairly well, feeling the flow

    But this big slide into a hinkelstein punctured my rear tire and I lost over a minute driving on the wheel.

    The rest of the rally was just not good, I was sloppy and all over the place, making a lot of mistakes. In the end the car showed just how bad my driving was...

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    I like the green rims. Very snazzy
    "The automobile is still a heap of mechanical components, and should feel like such, not like a smartphone on wheels" - Andreas Preuninger

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    All credit to Kinggene on the livery, he created it for a team competition a few seasons back.

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    Rally completed. Captain Slow left the scene with a slightly (Hmm-Hmm) visually and geometrically modified Ford. More work for my hard tested crew. As usual, I did the stages with a Steam setup and no practice at all. I'm having fun - and cursing my self every time I sample the vegetation, ditches etc.
    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

    Tom Walkinshaw: "When black goes to green, you are in troubles..."

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