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Thread: Norm, real life racer.

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    I apologize for my language, but holy shit. I did not expect this. I remember running the Can-Am series a few years back (I think 2008, or 2009?...) with Norm and MNRL, and he actually got me back to this site after sending me a polite hello message on social media. We all do pass at some point, but damn... he will be missed.

    R.I.P. Norm

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    MAN... this is some sad news! Excuse my delayed response. I've been away for a while and try to stop in occasionally to see how things are going here at CMS, and in particular with MNRL. Now I see this sad news and cannot stop thinking about how much Norm put into making a great sim racing league for all of us to enjoy.

    I first became aware of MNRL back in 2011 when Kurt Stevens pointed it out as a great league to race in at R2P. I couldn't have agreed more and Kurt and I have been racing in MNRL, when time allowed, ever since then. It wasn't just because we like vintage race cars, but mainly because of how Norm ran the league. Norm presented and managed a formula that appeals to a wide variety of people. It had a good variety of cars, sub-classes for teams and seniors, and Norm's treat em' fair gentlemanly racing policies. It didn't matter who you were, if you crossed the line for MNRL fair and gentlemanly racing, Norm would exercise the proper offending driver time-out in the corner, or worse, if it was apparent you were disrespectful at the expense of other drivers.

    As many of you know, Norm would occasionally ask many of us to test cars he was developing with Dave, Peter, and Paul for future seasons. He asked me to help with some testing in 2011 and I liked his way of blending many people's inputs so much, I contributed up until MNRL switched over to GSCE (which I didn't have initially). Even though myself and Paul N. would often suggest changes that would be more realistic, Norm would temper our suggestions with changes that made the sims (rf1 Mods) accessible and fun for the widest group of sim racers of vintage cars. He was more concerned with a field of happy gents with a wide variety of skills "All" having a great time. And the formula works well, even though there are newer sims with other attractions.

    One season we ran a league version of the 1967 Westlake Eagle rF1 mod on historic tracks of the day. Norm out-did himself that season making everyone feel like they belong to a fun group of racers by personally painting each driver's car and helmet to their country of choice for the car and personal helmet colors (as long as you requested it before the season started). I have seen some well run leagues, but not with that kind of personal dedication to the participants immersion and fun factor. That was pretty cool by anyone's standards.

    I stayed in touch enough with Norm that I was able to coordinate a couple of personal meet-ups with him. It turns out that one of his favorite restaurants outside of Harrisburg PA was almost right on my route to and from The Glen. So during a couple of trips on the way back from some Vintage Racing events at Watkins Glen, we met up for some late afternoon lunch. We talked a lot about what got us into sim racing and what might be some good rF1 vintage racer mods and tracks to run in the future. Not only was Norm a great league manager, he was great guy. Fun to talk with and he was known to have a sweet tooth. Ever heard him say "Its time for milk and cookies" before leaving a practice server? If you ever heard us refer to Banana Cream Pie on a race server, it was because he turned me onto the very delicious banana cream pie at this great little family restaurant.

    Going forward, I would say that Norm's positive influence was broad enough that there are some of us that have the skills and passion to carry forward the MNRL mantra, even if just for limited seasons or special events. If we want to use cars that reflect some of what Norm raced, I still have copies of some of his favorite rF1 mods from the past. The S2000/L-23 rF1 mod was one of Norm's favorites (probably because of its retro feel and crowd pleasing competition factor), and it already includes an S2000 car with his personal paint scheme from his SCCA days. He also included and drove a pale yellow paint scheme in many of the MNRL mods. So that must have had some meaning from his SCCA racing memories.

    Thanks to all who have helped MNRL be what it is/was and those who may possibly carry it forward in the future. Norm would be very proud of all of us!

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    So sorry to read this. I was trying to find Norm and tell him I was hoping to make a comeback and find this. Norm was so nice to me and took a lot of time to guide me through the proper channels in the old Can-Am series many years ago. Boy was I nervous those first few races trying not to cause any problems. Ended up battling Norm on numerous occasions and we had a blast. Always looked forward to reading the race-reports the next day. He will be sorely missed. My best to his family. Kind Regards, Will Tway

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    In 2.5 weeks it will be 3 months since Norm's passing. After reading some newer post's it occurred to me that the original thread that was re-titled "Remembering Norm Borczon" is now buried. That is a shame as there are a lot of shared stories/comments and love for the man in there. Maybe someone with the power could consider attaching that original thread to this one or making that one a Sticky as well?

    Here's the link in the meantime or in case that doesn't happen.
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    Done. Thanks Al.

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