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Thread: Remembering Norm Borczon

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    Thanks everyone, for putting words in my mouth with your praise and appreciation of this dear friend, otherwise I'm speechless and very saddened today.

    As I mentioned before here is what I received from his son:
    Hello Jon,

    My name is Kingsley, Norm's son. I am saddened to say that my dad passed away yesterday. I am not sure how or what or how to advise the group or change any settings but I thought you should know.
    And this is what I wrote back to him:
    Hi Kingsley,

    This is an extremely sad news to me. He was a good and dear friend whom I had a lot of respect. One of the guys I really wish I should've met in person. Very sorry for your loss.

    Please let me know if I or our group can do anything for you or for his name.

    Could not come to the server tonight, very sad day. But I have no doubt in my mind we all will honor Norm's goal and vision and keep MNRL going strong. He loved this hobby with passion and MNRL was his baby. It is now up to us to keep it going and with it keep his memory alive.
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    __The view is great from moral high ground__

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    " But I have no doubt in my mind we all will honor Norm's goal and vision and keep MNRL going strong. He loved this hobby with passion and MNRL was his baby. It is now up to us to keep it going and with it keep his memory alive."

    Yes, let us continue in this voice ....

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    My apologies for the delay in response to this, I'm still taking in the absolutely devastating news that Norm has passed .

    If you ask me, Norm Borczon was one of if not the best administrators I've ever seen in online racing. He ran a VERY tight ship with clear rules and did everything he could to make sure that drivers were kept in line. Even more so, you could see the passion for the league in how much effort he made to make sure we enjoyed the wonderful historic cars and tracks that the MNRL is all about. I don't see any other series using the lift/blip yet he made it so that everyone who raced in this league would be able to handle this added realism and immersion to help improve their driving like a pro.

    This is really tough on me as when I wanted to get back into online racing to get good at road racing, I knew this league was the best one to do so. When I reached Norm, he was the one that helped get me squared away, assisted with setups big time (along with Joe and a few others) and gave me the opportunity that would lead to me achieving the seemingly impossible of winning a road racing championship. I'll never, ever forget this as I don't think there are any other admins that would have helped me as much as he did.

    Norm fostered an environment at MNRL of good, clean, hard racing yet the utmost of sportsmanship and camaraderie between drivers who are willing to help one another rather than most leagues I've seen where egos get in the way. I sincerely hope that Joe, Jon, and Jason among others continue to ensure all of these values continue to be held as I feel very strongly that this is what Norm would have wanted.

    RIP Norm Borczon and thank you for everything my friend.

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    Marc, and all others that express a desire for this league and Norm's vision to continue....

    ...we are currently discussing this with CMS staff and will do everything in our power to make sure that MNRL stays alive and stays true to Norm's vision. Everything will continue to run as he would have ran it. Nothing, in that regard, will change. His standards will always be applied here.
    There is a hole now, we cannot fill it. I don't want to fill it. It wouldn't feel right to even try. Heck, I wouldn't know where to begin!

    Matter of fact, thank every one of you that have expressed your opinions here about this league continuing. I wasn't sure how others would feel about that and really don't want to feel like, or give the impression that, we are attempting to take his place. That is impossible. But, we are behind the scenes working. After lengthy conversations via TS last night we have a bit of a plan pieced together.

    Luckily, Norm loved to plan far ahead into the future. He also loved to shoot ideals and suggestions back and forth, so daily we were in contact about upcoming series/seasons/track selections/mods/etc...he had the next 2 seasons, basically, fully planned. is up to you guys to continue to show up and support this league. I know the lose may very well turn some away, but I urge everyone to lend your support (and when you can, your participation) to this league as we are going to need it now more than ever. Please, bear with us if we have a few "growing pains" (as Norm liked to term it)...

    Norm did an IMMENSE amount of work with all this. All this has to be sorted and the workload shifted to those of us that want to keep the vision alive. So, there may be a few technical difficulties here and there, but we will do our best to minimize and sort these as they come along.

    We've already received offers from MNRL members volunteering their time to help if/when we need it. (Thank you)
    In the coming weeks we may be asking for more assistance...I'm not sure yet. We have to really assess all this first and, obviously, haven't had time to do that yet. So, if you have the time and are willing to volunteer, watch the forums in the coming days/weeks.

    And you are damn right, Marc! Norm was, in my view, the BEST admin in all of sim racing. Not to take anything from others that also do superb work. There are many great admin right here at CMS as well. Norm though, well, maybe I'm just biased. The man held and will always hold a special place in my heart. He had come to be like family to me. I think he was a good man well beyond all this. Others have stated this in this very thread as well. His was one of the good guys.

    It's so strange. I never even met him face to face, yet....I felt like I had known him for many years.
    How is it that a man sheds tears for another he has never met? That is the power of this community. That is something those that think we are just here "playing silly games" fail to understand. It's about SO much more than sim racing. It's community, it's family...and it is what draws me and keeps me here and always will.

    Thanks once again to all those that are urging us to keep this alive. You really don't know what that means to me.
    I always told Norm we were his "elves" the elves are getting slapped into the drivers seat and it is a bit overwhelming. I still can't believe it.

    Here today, gone tomorrow. But the joy and thrills Norm has given us will never leave us, it cannot be taken away. Even death cannot do that. That, in some way, is a beautiful thing.

    Some say that even death is an act of creation. I say, that is true. Here, we will create a place where Norm's vision can live on. In some sense, I suppose, that is an act of creation. The creation of a place where his legacy can be carried on, where our memories will remain.

    .....anyways. Forgive me guys, I know I'm all over the place right now. I'm usually pretty good with this stuff, but this one has really hit me hard (as it has many, evidenced in this thread and beyond with the outpouring of sentiments/emotions that have been shared)

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    Amen Jason. You were not alone. I have raced with Norm in other times and other places and we've been e-mailing each other for years. When I heard the news I was totally devastated. It was

    like losing a good friend and I never even met the man in person. But I felt like I knew him. You can obtain a feeling about a person just by talking and chatting online.

    An example, I raced in Ced Collin's PORRS league for years. In that time I met a gentleman, Alejandro Estabridis, we became teammates and stayed in contact for years. One day he said he was

    coming to the United States

    from his home in Peru for a visit. I invited him to stay with me at my , then in Daytona,home and he accepted. My wife asked how I could invite a stranger into our home and I told her that I felt

    like he was a close friend. Well he did stay with me and we had a wonderful time and he was, indeed, a gentleman. We went to the 24hrs. of Daytona and he made a Peruvian dish for dinner. I'll always remember that.

    So.........yes you can know someone without actually meeting them.

    I'm sorry this is so lengthy but one more thing. If it wasn't Norm and this league my sim racing would be over. My PC is dated and inadequate for anything other than rF 1. So MNRL/Norm provided me a place to race. Without this league my career will be over.
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    The kind of guy Norm was.....

    last night
    x 7/27/11

    to me
    Norm here - hey what happened? You got disconnected at the race and you were missed. A few guys chatted on no, including Carroll who wanted badly to race you as you were his only competition! Thanks for the setup - i put it in for the race, but what a comedy of errors - we do formation lap, start the race and up the hill, there sits a car in the middle of the track - MAYHEM! Someone's screen froze along with his car - big wreck, I couldn't avoid, had my front clip / valance knocked off. So here i am with your setup and a car that is pushing like
    a pig, but still fairly driveable. So I think, ok drive it til midpoint when you pit for fuel and get damage fixed. So I do that, getting used to the damage understeer. I get the damage fixed and go out for the second 1/2 of the race,
    and now I am driving A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CAR LOL. Spun a bunch of times, finally started getting used to your setup as it should be. I kept getting faster, near the end of the race I was into the o9s which made me happy. Thanks for this setup , i will use it next time, Al
    Sorry for whatever happened to you last night,

  8. Default As written by Kingsley Harmer and copied, than pasted here.

    To all Friends and family: I am saddened to announce that my Dad, Norman Borczon, passed away Monday afternoon February 27th. It was a surprise to us all as it seemed that Norm's health and life seemed to be turning in a great direction. Although my step father, Norman took on the role of my dad like no other. I can not begin to express in words how he changed and influenced my life from the time that I was 8 years old. He was a good father, husband and an overall good man that many people including myself had respected and loved more than can imagine. His presence will be greatly missed.

    Kingsley Harmer

    To those that are able, a viewing service will be held and is open from 5 PM to 7 PM on Thursday March 2nd.
    Location : Parthemore Funeral Home
    1303 Bridge Street New Cumberland PA 17070

    A mass service will be held on Friday March 3rd at 11 AM at Location: St. Theresa's Parish
    1300 Bridge Street
    New Cumberland PA 17070
    (across from the Funeral Home)

    As many of you know, Dad was very interested in astronomy and wrote several articles on the subject.
    Although flowers are appreciated, I think that donations would be preferred in honor of Norman to the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg:
    Checks can be written to ASH
    224 Herr Street
    Harrisburg PA 17102

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    Very sad news. And as some others have said, it hit me very hard.

    Norm was a community leader, an awesome league owner, and a sim racing ambassador. He provided a great place to race for so many drivers for so many years. He even got me to try stock cars

    Norm, you will be missed. My thoughts are with your family and friends.

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    Condolences to all of Norm's family and friends at this very sorrowful time. I didn't really know Norm, but I did get to know MNRL and it's community. I liked what I saw. I also felt I'd like him. I'm sorry I didn't get the opportunity to know him better.
    blue skies, jerry

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