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Thread: Remembering Norm Borczon

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    Chuck Napoli Guest


    This is a total shock!! Had a lot of correspondence with Norm about many things, some personal, thru the past 5 years. We were like personal friends that were separated by several hundred miles but still kept in touch via email. Never knew he was ailing.

    R.I.P Norm and condolences to your family. They must be as shocked as the rest of us are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Whited View Post

    ....RIP Norm.

    My vote is, we do this race in honor of him. Run it as a tribute. I think he would like that.

    Wow.....that hurts.

    Please send his family my condolences, Jon. I had become quite close to Norm over the last few months.
    I'm stunned.
    If I knew Norm, I think That is exactly what he would want.

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    Wow. What a shock. RIP Norm. You will be missed.
    I will call the green for those that want to race tonight. I know Norm would have wanted us to carry on.
    Norm was the heart and soul of MNRL. I'm not sure where we go from here. For those of you that were helping Norm with the league, we need to setup a meeting to discuss the future of MNRL. I will be on TeamSpeak if anyone wants to talk about it. You can email me at

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    What a shocker, I am so saddened by this I have known Norm for a long time. I started sim racing with him back around 2003 and had become good friends with him. Rest in piece my old friend. May the gods of speed be on your side.

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    WOW...Without words

    You'll be missed Norm. The sim racing world lost a great one! RIP friend

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    I have only known Norm for a few months now, but I have worked with him via pm's during that time, and all I can say is that he was a great guy and sure loved racing. I can only imagine what some of you are feeling. From your stories, it sounds like he had a great life. I will race in your honor tonight, Norm and I hope you look down on us, and enjoy!

    -See You On Track!

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    Wow, I'm floored.
    Sincere condolences to his family.

    We have lost a good Man and great sportsman - Norm you will be sorely missed by all here, good luck on the starting grid in the sky.
    as others have said, I had no idea he was in poor health, I got an email from him like 48 hours ago. It seems unreal.

    I really do believe Norm would've wanted us to race tonight, he worked so hard making MNRL Thrive, I think he would want us to race our hearts out in his honor.
    We could make it a non points-scoring race so those that want to honor Norm with silence and peace can do so by sitting out the race, watching, or just staying offline.

    I was going to start interpreting post race data for him tonight to help with the race recap - maybe someone can get it to me, Jason? Joe?

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    Very sad news!! Norm was a class act and will sorely be missed. God speed to Norm and his family.

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    Hard to believe. Norm was the most helpful and caring person. I'm in shock.

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    We will be going green at the regular time.
    This race will be a tribute to Norm. Any and all that wish to attend are welcome to join in and run laps.

    The race will NOT be for points tonight.

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