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Thread: Remembering Norm Borczon

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    Norm having fun Sim racing...

    02-02-2017, 05:00 AM
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    Default Re: setup

    Al, thanks to your setup I did do ok - couldn't find the speed in the race that I had
    in practice, though. Not sure why.
    I am using your setup for Monza, with just small changes to suit me,
    last night , with Glen , Denis, others, I was FASTEST! Glen wanted to know
    my gearing , which I changed the rear gear for the long Monza straights,
    as I was beating him time wise.
    Funny, Glen and I drafted for a few laps, he was staying behind me
    so we could see how the draft worked on lap times, and in the end
    I was only 1/2 a second faster than my non draft time (2:23.4 in draft,
    2:23.8 alone).
    So to me the draft is best used to pass rather than just sit behind
    someone hoping for a better time ( except for qualifying i guess).
    Passing is pretty easy given the draft and the long, long straights.
    With your setup, my car is rock solid on the banking as well
    as the straights. I can take that sweeping right hander before
    the 2nd gear two quick right handers flat out... Glen was
    backing off!

    I still remember, years ago, how you taught me
    how to know how much fuel to use (minimum plus two or three laps worth)
    for Monza, I have it at 1.3 gallons a lap, looks to me like 19 laps.
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    Norm reminiscing about Real racing...


    Jan 27

    to me
    Jeez Al, ...

    I got down to a 29.5 ! which means with your setup I dropped
    4 seconds...

    I have never been very good at setups.
    Back when i was racing Sports Renault, i was trying to do my own setups
    in my garage. Always mid pack, like 12th out of 25.stuff like that.
    So one day a good friend who was an expert at setting up Sports Renaults
    (won the MARRS Sports Renault championship in 1988) drove up from Philly to give me a hand. He had all the right tools including a nice alignment tool ( mine was string between jack stands lol).
    Took him all afternoon . He said "I don't know how you have been driving this thing" just to give you an idea ...
    Anyhow , next race, Watkins Glen, I gridded, out of about 29 cars, FOURTH...
    wow... all the mid pack guys were saying holy smokes what happened with you!
    Finished on the podium, quite a feat in an SCCA national believe me.
    Anyhow, thanks Al, I won't share the setup you sent.
    PS I assume you didn't get your CD yet. My son - in - law works for the post office, said that since they took on delivering for Amazon, their deliveries
    have slowed to a crawl for regular mail. Said it could take 10 days or more
    to get to destination. Well, it is getting close to 10 days. So far none of the four I sent out have been received, and foolishly i threw out the tracking
    receipt. AARRRGGHHHHH

    a canal0 <>

    Jan 28

    to Norm
    No worries about the CD Norm. Whenever it comes it comes.
    Thanks for sharing that race story. Brought a smile to my face. How terrific it must have been to actually race the Glen, and place on the podium to boot. Good stuff. I'm glad I could help and its really cool that me helping you with this set reminded you of your past racing experiences. Now go place on the podium! lol

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    Can we change this threads title to something like "Remembering Norm Borczon"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcanal View Post
    Can we change this threads title to something like "Remembering Norm Borczon"?
    Good idea Al. Will do right now.

    Edit: Can not change the thread title with my admin access! May have to ask David for this one.
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    Andy Graydon Guest


    Hi all. Jon pointed me in this direction, and I see that snippets of the Race2Play Story on Norm have been posted here by Jason. I've had no response from R2P (Todd) regarding a copy of the original story posted some time in 2012/2013. If Jason wants to post it here in it's original form, that might be a good idea?

    So, memories of Norm.....

    Well, 'Race2Play Stories' was an idea that never really took off. Norm, Jim Barisoff, George Pol were the only ones I recall being published. I started a couple of others but one didn't want it publishing and the other just never got completed. If memory serves me right, Norm's was the first one I did and I think it was on the suggestion of Tim or Todd (or maybe both) at R2P.

    I'd heard of Norm's MNRL series and always kept an eye out for it. I was a somewhat rare racer in rFactor1 so had never attended any of his series events - race time was always a problem for me anyway (I would be working due to timezone differences). And so we exchanged e-mails, back and forth it went - me asking questions, Norm coming back with more info. I was quite blown away by the mod making his crew went through. Hence a lot fo quotes in the written profile, I really didn't have a clue about what he was talking about - LOL!

    We then agreed on a final version and Norm sent me some pictures of his racing cars he'd driven in real life, and the story itself went down great at R2P.

    I eventually managed to take part in one race in MNRL in 2013, some road going stock car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Great turn out, and I remember it in particular due to having a fantastic battle with a Brian Janick (?) over P7 in the closing quarter of the race. All in all a great experience.

    But that would be my last event in MNRL. However, Norm kept in touch, and when he wanted to try out GSCE as the sim instead of rF1 he came to me for suggestions and advice around end of 2015/beginning of 2016 (I'd been trying to run GSCE for a few years in my R2P Showcase Sim Series league). Felt quite honoured that he wanted to ask me for advice to be honest!

    Once the news came out that R2P was going to end, Norm was quick to look after the interests of MNRL and moved here quite quickly. He was clearly very motivated and loved his Sim Racing.

    Being friends on Facebook, I woke up one morning to find a couple of posts about his passing from his friends but didn't quite believe it (you know, accounts get hacked etc etc etc). And it came as quite a shock to find the news was true.

    I hope you guys can somehow keep on going in Norm's spirit of MNRL.

    All the best, Andy

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    Long time no see Andy. I never got the chance to applaud you for this write up about Norm. Absolutely stellar work and a thousand Kudos to you.

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    Norm was a nice person and a good racer. I haven't been on this site for a while and I'm shocked. RIP Norm

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    I found this while I was digging around my computer.

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    Only today i see this post. Norm is a founder of MNRL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mancebosk8 View Post
    Only today i see this post. Norm is a founder of MNRL?
    That's correct. He was one of the best league admin you could find anywhere (and not just in N. America), and still holds true today.
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