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Thread: Remembering Norm Borczon

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    Norm having fun Sim racing...

    02-02-2017, 05:00 AM
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    Default Re: setup

    Al, thanks to your setup I did do ok - couldn't find the speed in the race that I had
    in practice, though. Not sure why.
    I am using your setup for Monza, with just small changes to suit me,
    last night , with Glen , Denis, others, I was FASTEST! Glen wanted to know
    my gearing , which I changed the rear gear for the long Monza straights,
    as I was beating him time wise.
    Funny, Glen and I drafted for a few laps, he was staying behind me
    so we could see how the draft worked on lap times, and in the end
    I was only 1/2 a second faster than my non draft time (2:23.4 in draft,
    2:23.8 alone).
    So to me the draft is best used to pass rather than just sit behind
    someone hoping for a better time ( except for qualifying i guess).
    Passing is pretty easy given the draft and the long, long straights.
    With your setup, my car is rock solid on the banking as well
    as the straights. I can take that sweeping right hander before
    the 2nd gear two quick right handers flat out... Glen was
    backing off!

    I still remember, years ago, how you taught me
    how to know how much fuel to use (minimum plus two or three laps worth)
    for Monza, I have it at 1.3 gallons a lap, looks to me like 19 laps.
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