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Thread: Remembering Norm Borczon

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    Default Remembering Norm Borczon

    I am very very sorry to announce this, our dear friend Norm passed away yesterday.

    I have been notified by his son Kingsley and read his message 30 minutes ago. I am out of words and my heart is bleeding. When I get home I will post his message here.

    Don't know what we should do about the race tonight but I thought everybody should know this before the race. Maybe we can do few parade laps, don't know, admins can decide, my hands are still shaking and I'm out of words.

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    ....RIP Norm.

    My vote is, we do this race in honor of him. Run it as a tribute. I think he would like that.

    Wow.....that hurts.

    Please send his family my condolences, Jon. I had become quite close to Norm over the last few months.
    I'm stunned.
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    That was sudden! What a shame, I didn't know he was ill. Wish I had time to say good bye, but to late now.
    I will say a prayer for his family and I hope all those who also know Jesus as their Lord and saviour will say
    a prayer for his family? Very, very sad!
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    I don't believe it. I have no words. My heart goes out to his family. Norm was one of the good guys. I'm in shock.

    I'm not sure I even want to race tonight. It doesn't seem to important right now.
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    Wow is right. He was always so positive and a pleasure to know. I've raced with Norm since the end of NR2002 and into rFactor. I helped him and ran some of the leagues we had at MNRL back then. We use to spend hours every week developing setups and working on the next mod we were going to run.
    Norm was special and loved racing. He will be missed. As Jason said, we race as Norm would want us to do. He was running a league when another good friend of ours Past away and we raced that night in his honor too.
    ...RIP Norm.

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    Very Sad to hear this. I only knew Norm thru sim racing, he was a great guy to chat with on line. Always had a good word for all.

    I wasn't going to do tonights race because of all the issues I was having with rfactor, but if we are doing a few memorial laps, I would like to join in.

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    I am so saddened to hear this.... I felt something was wrong when I didn't hear back from him since yesterday just before 2 pm est. He was a diehard racer. He loved this sport so much and when he couldn't do it in actual any longer he did it in the virtual world. His love was so great for this sport that he spent all his free time setting up this virtual racing for other diehard racers. In fact he spent so much more time "setting" this up than he was actually participating in racing. That is one hell of a guy and will never be replaced. In searching for his phone number through my emails I came across almost 10 years of correspondence with him. Always positive, always trying to find ways to make everyone happy. I just regret that I didn't make it to see him for lunch as we had talked about. I don't think I can make this race in my current state of mind. My heart is bleeding...

    RIP Norm Borzon. I will never forget your friendship, commraderie, or sportsmanship for as long as I live.

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    Yeah, I will not be running tonight. Rest easy Norm. You'll be missed.
    Kurt Stevens

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    Just read it, I'm shocked. R.I.P. dear Norm!

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    I never had any interaction with him, but reading the forums he seemed like such a great guy. Rest well Norm.
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