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Thread: CMS DRCC S4E4: Jämsä Rally

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    Default CMS DRCC S4E4: Jämsä Rally

    Time to go flying in Finland for the Jämsä Rally! The forecast is for rain on the first day, followed by drying conditions for the rest of the rally. Due to the attrition on the Finland round last season, the organizer has added extra service areas, as the rain will make the stages slippier than normal.

    eventID: 183509

    Round 4 Results

    Write up coming soon, here are the results for now!

    Standings After Round 4

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    This will be a though round for the RMI Motorsport squad. The 01 Focus needs some proper gearbox-work to get a top speed that's close to respectable.

    The issue? Well, I don't have time for testing that stuff and all will be random

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    Yeah, this is the one location where I really try to fiddle with setups for the yumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enamelizer View Post
    Yeah, this is the one location where I really try to fiddle with setups for the yumps.
    I know I should fiddle with my bits (like DiRT Rally tells me ), but I just cannot be bothered :P I find all kind of testing to be very boring, so default have been my setup for many years. When I started simracing 13yo, I was told that there was no need to hunt down the best setup, until I had properly learned to drive the cars, I guess I never learned to drive anything properly

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    "It's raining man...hallelulja!"

    Good evening from Finland - just started the Jämsä Rally in the hotel after a rainy day and resuming day 1.
    After switching from Fiat 131 to Opel Kadett GT/E I created my own livery (inspired by a Porsche 911 S from 1970) and started highly motivated into training and the Rally.

    SS1 brought a solid start into this high-speed Rally. Kept the car on the road and got a clean run... No PB but satisfied with my performance.

    On SS2 I still kept cool without risking to much and concentrated on not crashing the car...

    There are so many moments to make a screenshot in Finland

    SS3 and SS4 saw no mistakes, too. The car felt smooth over the bumps and I got more and more confident with every fast corner...this resulted in a PB at SS4.

    At the first Service Point the car was repaired to 100% at every category and I started the first 2 long stages...still felling confident without loosing concentration.

    Well, as in every Rally so far in the CMS-Chaampionship, the mistakes came without invitation... On SS5 the Opel oversteered slightly to much oin a fast righthander...

    Took me some seconds to get into Reverse, calming down and going on through the rain...did I mention that I hate the rain?!?!
    Some corners later it happened again...the car came a bit too wide and I hit an obstacle...seems I spend my thoughts on something different then the Co-Drivers speech.
    That moment when the rear-light explodes...

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    SS6 went well again, I managed to hold the car on the gravel...the colour of the car can only be guessed right now...

    The Opel flew through the finish woods...

    ...took a lot safe landings...

    ...and finished - without a puncture that I had so often during training on this stage - at last!

    Unfortunately I have no comparison to other starters in the 1970's class as I'm the first driver - let's see what happens

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    First four stages done, and as in sweden had a good feeling with this car. It's always fun to do Finland when in control!
    Set the gearbox so that maximum speed was around 195 km/h in sixt gear.

    A video of the first stage is ready:

    Hansen69 - CMS DR league, event 4 Jämsä Rally - Stage 1 Jyrkysjärvi(S) - whole stage replay - 3:16,908 Morning/rain -

    Picture from first stage:

    A picture from fourth stage:

    I had an average speed of 133,5 km/h for these stages, and Oksala is the fastest part with an average speed of 138 km/h.

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    I love the sound of the Focus...amazing video Dag!

    Just saw your livery and searched for the CMS-Rally Logos.
    Found them and will edit my livery tonight before I take the next stages...
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    There is an average speed-limit for stages, and was last put in effect at the recent sweden-rally under the FIA.
    The idea is supposed to protect spectators obviously. Here's some interesting talk about it:
    Why Rally Has Speed Limits, The Necessary Evil No One Talks About

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zolba View Post
    This will be a though round for the RMI Motorsport squad...
    Code for..."I might only win 11 stages."

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