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Thread: CMS DRCC S4E3: Värmland Rally

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    Default CMS DRCC S4E3: Värmland Rally


    The winner in the snow and ice of Sweden was Ole Marius Myrvold, and to say he went out of his way to prepare for this rally is an understatement. His trip to the actual stages of WRC Sweden proved to be a huge boon as he took every single stage win of this rally. He was completely untouchable and finished a full 1m 40s ahead of his nearest rival in his 2001 Focus!

    A driver who is in his first season in the DRCC but no stranger to rallying at CMS, Magnar Haarstadsveen showed off his driving talent and took second place in his 2007 Focus. He only dropped out of 2nd place once in the entire rally, but was able to hold onto his 2nd place spot from SS3 onward, finishing 18 seconds ahead of third place.

    Troy Dalton got a taste of the podium in round one and decided he felt right at home with the top drivers. His third place finish means he has been on the podium every round so far this season, as his efforts testing and practicing have clearly paid huge dividends. I look forward to continue seeing him battle with the top drivers in the series!

    Ismail Yakubu finished this round with another win in Historic, his second of the season. He showed great speed putting his Opel into 8th overall beating out a big feild of Modern cars.

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan was close behind the Historic leader, taking second place in class and 9th overall. Finishing in the top 10 in a historic car is no easy feat and his speed was fantastic.

    In third, Peter G. had his second historic podium of the season in his Fiat. He took home a solid haul of points for his efforts.

    Skill Classes
    Ole Marius Myrvold took home the CMSRC-1 win along side his Overall win. In CMSRC-2, Andy Blade was the only driver to finish the rally, earning him maximum points in his class championship. And in CMSRC-3, Troy Dalton continues to work hard to show that his driving can't be classified by an algorithm, taking the win in this class.

    RMI Motorsport took thier first team win, getting 43 points for Ole Marius Myrvold's first place finish and Roy Magnes's fourth place finish. In second, Team Fate grabbed 27 points with a third place finish from Troy Dalton and a 14th place finish from Sean Jordan. Walk Racing took another third place finish with a 9th place finish from Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan and a 16th place from Andy Blade.

    Standings after round 3

    The WRC is headed into the (hopefully) snow and ice, and so are we! Off to Sweden to play in the snow.

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    The Swedish course marshal's are diligently preparing the Stor Jangen stage for the first competitor.

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    As the first one to go, I was to enjoy the racing with myself and my own goals.

    First stage, when the car is clean and sun is shining, it the perfect time for a video:
    Hansen69 - CMS DR league, event 3 Värmland rally - Stage 1 Stor-Jangen sprint(S) - whole stage replay - 3:35,724 Midday/sunny -

    Second stage went well without any trouble and set a decent time.

    Third stage, here I managed to set a personal best. One major sideways drift when passing some houses was scary. Watch:
    Hansen69 - CMS DR league, event 3 Värmland rally - Stage 3 Älgsjön(S) - whole stage replay - 3:29,941 Midday/sunny -

    Fourth stage was with one half spin, didn't loose much.
    Happy with only one half spin and no rolls for the first four stages, and feel the 01 Focus comes more to it's right element. Hoping the next eight stages goes like this.
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    Not looking forward to this. I've no confidence in the snow.

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    I'm the opposite of Evil-Jamie (or is it Jamie-Smurf ;P). I am really looking forward to this, and I'll be putting a lot of pressure on myself before the event as well! I have some points to claw back after failing to be a chef last time around!

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    First leg done. Don't think it was fast, but it was clean and relatively mistake free. If I can do another 8 stages like that, I'll be happy regardless of position

    I'm happy to leave the proper winter rally's to the Scandinavians

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    LEG I

    drt 2017-02-12 19-34-53-43

    Stor-jangen is a great way to start this rally. It is really fun to drive, but I think I was a little to anxious and that resulted a run that was a little sloppy. I probably shaved a little bit of time by brushing the snow banks a few times here and there, but no major worries. Not a personal best time, but pretty close and it was a good start to the rally. I do enjoy getting air time here.

    drt 2017-02-12 19-42-39-02

    The second stage is Hamra, one of my favorites. Despite that fact, I usually have trouble here, as I can't help but push in the really fast sections. The downhill section over the bridges, just before you have to brake hard past the houses for the acute right, is absolutely brilliant. I simply love that section and if that's all I had to do, I'd be really damned quick. However, there is a lot beyond that section of the stage and I usually stuff it into a snow bank at some point.

    drt 2017-02-12 19-42-58-55

    Somehow, I managed to avoid the inevitable and turned in one of the best stages I've ever driven at Sweden. Never put a foot wrong and I was blitzing through the entire stage. I didn't throw caution to the wind either, I simply was really focused and concentrated on being smooth and looking ahead. I absolutely blew away my previous personal best and although I'm sure someone will ultimately best my time, it was really good and I was fist pumping the air when I reached the end.

    drt 2017-02-12 19-48-07-50

    Algsjon is another fun stage to drive, but I tend to struggle here as well, so I was a bit careful in the trouble spots. I probably left a little time out there, but I was still buzzing from my run in stage two, so felt I could afford to give away a little time. After such a great start to the rally, I didn't want to throw it all away after such a great run.

    drt 2017-02-12 19-56-07-15

    Norraskoga...which I think is Swedish for, "My ex-wife's mother-in-law" or something to that effect. In short, it's a beotch and I don't really like it much. I can never seem to get in the flow and I have a terrible time late in the stage when there are a lot of slow speed turns. Usually I pinball through that section, but I managed to keep it relatively clean and I posted a decent time.

    drt 2017-02-12 19-56-33-63

    So, leg I is in the books and I'm off to recce leg II.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D69-inge View Post

    Love this livery!

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    Nice vids Dag inge :-) The sound of the Focus is awesome...

    Will have a bit of training the next 2 days and then get the 131 into the white forrests...
    Should be a better one for me as the mixed gravel stages we had the last time.

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    The long stage 5 "Ransbysäter" I did climb the snowbank on exit of a turn, but came away easily.
    Stages 6 and 7 was fast and nervous, but clean.

    At the end of stage 8 "Stor-Jangen sprint rev." I skipped up and down again just before the finish.
    So this was as clean as it gets, and couldn't expect much better.

    Remembering the "Champions League" string of events in the winter/spring of 2016. I did some faster times back then in April 2016 and won the event with a small margin over seven stages.

    Back then I was hosting my own league with the final result of these: Simon Novak (winner, and me 2nd.), Sean Jordan (4.), Patrick Fournier (5.), Steve Carman (10.), Fergus Doyle (11.), Andy Blade (15.) and Jesse Hampton among others.

    In Sweden I was racing the Citroën C4 and we had the 2000 and 2010 classes then. I had posted times down to 6:00 on the Long Hamra/Lysvik stages, so I actually was a bit quicker back then, or that car is simply faster I guess.
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