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Thread: CMS DRCC Season 4 Standings

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    Default CMS DRCC Season 4 Standings

    Final Standings

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    Round 1 Results

    The first round of the Champion Motorsports Dirt Rally Club Championship kicked off in the French Alps with 32 competitors starting and 27 drivers finishing the contest thru the Col du Turini. With five individual classes and a team competition, we saw a lot of newcomers battling with veterans of the series in the top positions of several of the classes.

    The overall winner of this test in the mountains was newcomer Daniel Ort. Daniel had a blistering pace on this rally, winning the first stage and holding on to his overall lead from then on. With five stage wins, he handily beat some very fast drivers and came into the finish 27 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Grats Daniel!

    In second place, long time CMS vet Troy Dalton was clearly not satisfied with the latest CMS driver rankings, and put in the fastest drive we have seen from him yet, winning two stages against very tough competition. Clearly he was much more comfortable in his Focus than his pick at the start of last season, the Lancia Stratos. Grats Troy!

    And in third place, no stranger to the podium, Sean Jordan was able to come back from his 10th place standing on SS2. Took the battle to the always fast Simon Novak, and with two stage wins he tied up another podium finish. Great comeback Sean!

    All drivers were using the Ford Focus RS WRC 2007, and I expect this to be a popular car in the podium spots this season.

    The historic class was well attended, and the winner in these 1970s era cars was newcomer Ismail Yakubu, who despite his username, was gracious in his victory, and not smug in the slightest! In second, Peter G was not far behind, and in third, Jamie McDonald took the last spot on the historic podium.

    The top skill group of ranked drivers saw Sean Jordan take the top spot, Simon Novak in second and Ole Marius Myrvold in third place.

    The second skill group had April Dillon take first place in her 2001 Focus, Jochen Pahl take second in the Stratos, and Andy Blade in third in the Opel Kadett.

    In the third skill group Troy Dalton was performing well above what the rankings would predict and took the top spot. In second was Steve Carman, and Aaron DeMarre finished in third.

    Finally the team competition made it's return, using the two best scores from the overall competition to make the team score.

    In first place, Team Fate took a whopping 42 points with Troy Dalton's second place finish and Sean Jordan's third place finish. This gave them an early lead on the Norwegian powerhouses of RMI Motorsport who scored 31 points from Ole Marius Myrvold's fifth place and Dag Inge Hansen's sixth place finish. In third, Dragon Rally Team took 23 points from the ninth place finish of April Dillon and the tenth place finish of Troy Uyan.

    Next up is the Rockchip Rally taking us thru the stages of Wales, Greece, and Finland in an all gravel extravaganza!

    Full stage results:

    Standings after round 1

    Full results and rally reports can be found here:

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    After 12 long stages of punishing gravel roads, we ended up having what might be the closest finishes of in the history of the CMS DRCC! This rally was a real car punisher with only three service areas over 12 long stages, but it has fairly low attrition.

    The difference between first and second place in this rally was an extremely slim 0.333 seconds after over an hour and 15 minutes of rallying. This is the closest finish for a win that I can remember in the series, what a battle!

    In first place, Daniel Ort has gone two for two this season, winning the rally outright with 7 stage wins. Only a third of a second behind him was Simon Novak, who made a huge late rally push, winning five stages on his way to an extremely close second place finish. A really great battle between these guys. In third place, Troy Dalton backed up his performance from last week with another solid finish. Troy took third place in the first stage and never let go.

    Jamie McDonald improved on his podium finish from last week with a win in the historic class, beating out a whole bunch of Modern cars in the process, taking the Opel to 9th overall. Just behind him was Andy Blade in second who also scored well in overall, finishing 10th overall. In third, Jochen Pahl showed the Stratos can be very competitive when it is not trying to kill its driver.

    Driver Classes
    Simon Novak was on top of CMSRC-1 this week, Andy Blade finished first in CMSRC-2, and Troy Dalton dominated CMSRC-3.

    Standings after round 2

    Team standings will be posted after the resolution of the following:

    Full results and rally reports:


    Team results:

    In first place, Team Fate was on the top step of the podium again with 38 points, as Troy Dalton took 3rd and Sean Jordon took 4th. In second, RMI Motorsports had 29 points with Dag Inge Hansen in 6th and Roy Magnes in 7th. And in third place, Walk Racing took home 15 points with Andy Blade putting his historic car all the way up into 10th, and Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan taking 17th.

    Grats all!

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    Round 3 Results

    The winner in the snow and ice of Sweden was Ole Marius Myrvold, and to say he went out of his way to prepare for this rally is an understatement. His trip to the actual stages of WRC Sweden proved to be a huge boon as he took every single stage win of this rally. He was completely untouchable and finished a full 1m 40s ahead of his nearest rival in his 2001 Focus!

    A driver who is in his first season in the DRCC but no stranger to rallying at CMS, Magnar Haarstadsveen showed off his driving talent and took second place in his 2007 Focus. He only dropped out of 2nd place once in the entire rally, but was able to hold onto his 2nd place spot from SS3 onward, finishing 18 seconds ahead of third place.

    Troy Dalton got a taste of the podium in round one and decided he felt right at home with the top drivers. His third place finish means he has been on the podium every round so far this season, as his efforts testing and practicing have clearly paid huge dividends. I look forward to continue seeing him battle with the top drivers in the series!

    Ismail Yakubu finished this round with another win in Historic, his second of the season. He showed great speed putting his Opel into 8th overall beating out a big feild of Modern cars.

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan was close behind the Historic leader, taking second place in class and 9th overall. Finishing in the top 10 in a historic car is no easy feat and his speed was fantastic.

    In third, Peter G. had his second historic podium of the season in his Fiat. He took home a solid haul of points for his efforts.

    Skill Classes
    Ole Marius Myrvold took home the CMSRC-1 win along side his Overall win. In CMSRC-2, Andy Blade was the only driver to finish the rally, earning him maximum points in his class championship. And in CMSRC-3, Troy Dalton continues to work hard to show that his driving can't be classified by an algorithm, taking the win in this class.

    RMI Motorsport took thier first team win, getting 43 points for Ole Marius Myrvold's first place finish and Roy Magnes's fourth place finish. In second, Team Fate grabbed 27 points with a third place finish from Troy Dalton and a 14th place finish from Sean Jordan. Walk Racing took another third place finish with a 9th place finish from Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan and a 16th place from Andy Blade.

    Standings after round 3

    Full stage results and rally reports can be found here:

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    Round 4 Results

    Write up coming soon, here are the results for now!

    Standings After Round 4

    Full results and rally reports can be found here:

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    Round 5 Results

    The Rally of the Argolid was a tough, dusty rally that ended up bringing many drivers to their limits as only 16 of the 21 drivers were able to make it to the finish! This rally also say a bit of a drop in turnout, whether from the location, the spring in the northern hemisphere, or just normal attrition that happens in the latter half of a championship season.

    Lets get to the results!


    The overall winner of this tough Grecian rally was Daniel Ort, who took his third win of the season! While Daniel took the win, it was not without mistake. In Round 4, Daniel switched from the Ford Focus RS WRC 2007 to the Citroën C4 Rally 2010, using his one car switch for the season. In this round he switched back to the Focus, and since he is only eligible for points in the C4, so did not score points for this rally. While this resulted in slipping from the top spot in the championship to third, he is still very much in the running for the Overall Championship. However he must use the C4 to score points if the overall championship is his goal.

    In second, Magnar Haarstadsveen continues to show his speed with a performance that puts him tied for forth in the championship. He finished 15 seconds ahead of the person who shares this tie, third place finisher Dag Inge Hansen. Watching these two battle for the top spots in the championship will surely be exciting and the championship goes on.


    In first place of the Historics championship, Peter G took the top spot of not only the rally but the championship itself. This was no easy win tho, it was battle the whole way with second place finisher Jamie McDonald who finished just 6 seconds behind. In third, Lutz Müller continues to climb the championship leaderboards with his strong finish.

    Driver Classes

    The winner of CMSRC-1 was the ever-fast Dag Inge Hansen. This season CMSRC-2 has been unexpectedly quiet, and was won by the only competitor in the class this round, Jochen Pahl. In CMSRC-3, it is no surprise that Troy Dalton was once again on the top of this class.


    RMI Motorsport was the top team this week, scoring 38 points with Dag Inge Hansen taking third overall and Roy Magnes taking sixth overall. But Team Fate was right on their heels scoring 35 points with Troy Dalton's fourth place and Sean Jordan's seventh place. While there was only three points separating them this week, every single point is huge in the battle as only four points now separate them!

    Standings after round 5

    Full results and rally reports can be found here:

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    Results from Round 6

    Standing after Round 6

    Rally reports and full results: CMS DRCC S4E6: Tar and Ice

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    Results from round 7


    In first place, Daniel Ort pulled off another win in the full tarmac German stages. After SS2 he was in 4th, but after winning SS2 and SS3 he jumped up to the top spot and would hold this spot the entire rally, winning a total of 8 stages. However since he changed cars twice he is not elegible to score points in his current car, so the full 25 points will go to the second place finisher.

    Dag Inge Hansen used his car change to upgrade to the 2007 Focus, and took second place in his new car. While he was briefly in first place at the end of SS2, in SS3 he slipped back to second and would hold on to this spot, taking two stages wins and maximum championship points along the way.

    Third place would go to Troy Dalton who battled for this position in the first half of the rally, and successfully defended it in the second half. He showed he has the speed to fight up front, taking a stage win on SS11.

    The championship is still very close, with only 7 points separating Troy Dalton in first and Simon Novak in second, and Magnar Haarstadsveen and Dag Inge Hansen sharing a tie in third place.


    We have our first champion of the season! Ismail Yakubu has clinched the title by being 35 points ahead of his nearest rival with one round left to go. Grats to Ismail!

    The historic class has been dominated by Ismail Yakubu, and this round was no exception as he scored another win in the Historic class. Lutz Müller would take the second place position, followed by Jonatan Ċcerclinth in third.

    Driver Classes

    Dag Inge Hansen's second place overall finish gave him the win in CMSRC-1. There were no drivers this week in CMSRC-2. And in CMSRC-3, Troy Dalton makes it 7 for 7 on his way to winning every round of his driver class.


    RMI Motorsport took the team win this week 40 points with Dag Inge Hansen's second and Roy Magnes's seventh place finish (25 and 15 points respectively due to the rally winner being ineligible for points).

    In second, Team Fate was not far behind scoring 38 points from Troy Dalton's third place and Sean Jordan's sixth place (22 and 16 points respectively).

    In the championship standings, Team Fate has a 17 point lead over RMI Motorsport going into the final round.

    Standings after round 7

    Rally reports and full results:

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    A big rally in Wales is always a good way to wrap up a season of rallying, lets see how everyone fared!


    The overall rally win, once again went to Daniel Ort who led the rally from the first stage to the last, taking 11 stage wins along the way. In second place, Ole Marius Myrvold scored four stage wins, and due to Daniel being ineligible for points because of car selection rules, Ole Marius took the maximum points for this round. His teammate finished right behind him, Dag Inge Hansen's third place finish put a big RMI Motorsport stamp on the event.


    Ismail Yakubu had nothing to lose in this event, having wrapped up the title on the previous event, and it was business as usual for him as he took another rally win in the historic class in the Opel Kadett. Lutz Müller was not far behind however and took the second place spot in an Opel as well. In third, Peter G. rounded out the podium, driving the Fiat 131 into third place.

    Driver Classes

    Ole Marius Myrvold took the win in the CMSRC-1 class, his second win in this driver class. Shocking no one, Troy Dalton made it 8 for 8, his win in CMSRC-3 made it a clean sweep for the season. The under-attended CMSRC-2 had no drivers that finished the rally this week.


    RMI Motorsport knew what they needed to do in order to take the top spot of the championship, and they executed accordingly. With a second place finish by Ole Marius Myrvold (25 points) and a third place finish by Dag Inge Hansen (22 points), they were able to take the maximum 47 team points due to the rally leader being ineligible for points. This is the first time a team has taken maximum points this season, so they were clearly aiming for the championship.

    Team Fate had a bit of bad luck this week, and whether it was a timing issue, mysterious penalty from the local organizers, or some other issue, Troy Dalton took a 30 second hit that left him in 7th overall (15 points). Sean Jordan's 9th place finish (13 points) brought the team to 28 points total.

    A note from the sanctioning body

    In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to address the issue Troy ran into with timing and scoring. As he stated in his write up, there was an issue with his time on SS15 where he felt his actual time was 30 seconds faster than the time that was given, as he had mentally noted his stage time was only a few seconds off his PB for the stage but was given a much slower time with no explanation. He relayed this to me, and even if it wasn't his intent, I treated it as a formal protest as it had the ability to change the outcome of the championship.

    Unfortunately I have very little visibility into what happens on course. I don't get stage times, split times, or any indication of penalties. Whether they are car resets, stage cuts, repair overtime, jump start, tire changes, etc. I have no way of knowing if there was a penalty on or before a stage. I have seen enough oddness in Racenet and have been racing with Troy long enough where I personally believe him, however as "race director" I simply don't have the tools I need to resolve his claim either way. So in the interest of fairness to all the competitors, I have to treat the time given by Racenet as the official time.

    Standings after round 8

    Rally reports and full results: CMS DRCC S4E8: Powys Rally
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