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Thread: CMS DRCC S4E1: Rally de Col du Turini

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    Default CMS DRCC S4E1: Rally de Col du Turini


    The first round of the Champion Motorsports Dirt Rally Club Championship kicked off in the French Alps with 32 competitors starting and 27 drivers finishing the contest thru the Col du Turini. With five individual classes and a team competition, we saw a lot of newcomers battling with veterans of the series in the top positions of several of the classes.

    The overall winner of this test in the mountains was newcomer Daniel Ort. Daniel had a blistering pace on this rally, winning the first stage and holding on to his overall lead from then on. With five stage wins, he handily beat some very fast drivers and came into the finish 27 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Grats Daniel!

    In second place, long time CMS vet Troy Dalton was clearly not satisfied with the latest CMS driver rankings, and put in the fastest drive we have seen from him yet, winning two stages against very tough competition. Clearly he was much more comfortable in his Focus than his pick at the start of last season, the Lancia Stratos. Grats Troy!

    And in third place, no stranger to the podium, Sean Jordan was able to come back from his 10th place standing on SS2. Took the battle to the always fast Simon Novak, and with two stage wins he tied up another podium finish. Great comeback Sean!

    All drivers were using the Ford Focus RS WRC 2007, and I expect this to be a popular car in the podium spots this season.

    The historic class was well attended, and the winner in these 1970s era cars was newcomer Ismail Yakubu, who despite his username, was gracious in his victory, and not smug in the slightest! In second, Peter G was not far behind, and in third, Jamie McDonald took the last spot on the historic podium.

    The top skill group of ranked drivers saw Sean Jordan take the top spot, Simon Novak in second and Ole Marius Myrvold in third place.

    The second skill group had April Dillon take first place in her 2001 Focus, Jochen Pahl take second in the Stratos, and Andy Blade in third in the Opel Kadett.

    In the third skill group Troy Dalton was performing well above what the rankings would predict and took the top spot. In second was Steve Carman, and Aaron DeMarre finished in third.

    Finally the team competition made it's return, using the two best scores from the overall competition to make the team score.

    In first place, Team Fate took a whopping 42 points with Troy Dalton's second place finish and Sean Jordan's third place finish. This gave them an early lead on the Norwegian powerhouses of RMI Motorsport who scored 31 points from Ole Marius Myrvold's fifth place and Dag Inge Hansen's sixth place finish. In third, Dragon Rally Team took 23 points from the ninth place finish of April Dillon and the tenth place finish of Troy Uyan.

    Next up is the Rockchip Rally taking us thru the stages of Wales, Greece, and Finland in an all gravel extravaganza!

    Full stage results:

    Standings after round 1

    Just like the WRC, it's a new year and that means we are going to the French Alps! The first rally of the year is the "Rally de Col du Turini", as is tradition.

    This rally is slightly shorter than normal as we ease into a new championship season, and drivers can expect a little of everything, fog and snow at the start that should clear up into sun as the event goes on.

    Also note: Teams need to be declared by the end of the rally in order to score team points in this event!

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    After the Nightmare before Christmas, this is a piece of cake!

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    Yup, I wanted a nice mellow start to the season

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    Hastily slammed together rattle can paint job for the Team Fate entry. Don't touch it, it's still wet. Fate Focus.jpg

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    I was thinking about moving away from a pink car for the first time in 5-6 years. My idea was to have a blue and red car, I think I'll skip that now :P
    Will be interesting to do this rally, and then "reset" myself for the RDRC. Oh those challenges!

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    First 2 stages out the way. Nothing fancy, just getting to the end. Can settle down now and increase the pace

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    Looking over the season, there are some service parks pretty spaced out, is every service park 30 minutes of repair time? Or are they different based on the stages in-between? Forgive my ignorance

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    Quote Originally Posted by blutank24 View Post
    Looking over the season, there are some service parks pretty spaced out, is every service park 30 minutes of repair time? Or are they different based on the stages in-between? Forgive my ignorance
    Every service park is 30 minutes, however you can go over this time if you need to, and incur a time penalty in exchange.

    Some of the rallies have big service gaps in order to force drivers to manage car damage as a part of the rally.

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    Troy Dalton and myself are running the Team Fate Rally 2007 Ford Focus entries. I notice that #302 is not listed in the car number list I hope can I get that number?? Testing continues with the new livery at Monte Carlo. Fate Focus.jpg

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    Hmm, testing testing.

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