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Thread: MNRL Season 1, Race 6 information- Riverside Int.(Jan 10th)

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    Default MNRL Season 1, Race 6 information- Riverside Int.(Jan 10th)

    Welcome Drivers:

    Here are details on the Final Race in MNRL's first season here at CMS, using the rFactor1 Vintage TransAm Under 2 Liter mod. The mod Represents the Under 2-Liter TransAm class (predominantly European sedans) from the late 60's to early 70's

    The mod consists of one class, five marques. This is a league mod, all marques use the same physics so choose any car you like. Also Lift/Blip is in effect. Don't constantly speed-shift/over-rev, at the risk of damaging or eventually blowing the motor!

    Race 6 is at 1965 Riverside International Raceway Tuesday, Jan. 10th, Qualifying at 9 PM EDT
    (full schedule below)

    Location: Riverside, California - Length: (3.27 miles (5.26 km)

    Riverside International Raceway (sometimes known as RIV, RIR, or Riverside Raceway) was a race track or road course in Riverside, California. The track was in operation from September 22, 1957, to July 2, 1989. The original course design proved to be dangerous, and it was partially reconfigured in 1969.
    The track was built to accommodate several different configurations, depending on the type of car and race length. The three options on Riverside Raceway were the long course (3.27 miles (5.26 km)), the short course (2.5 miles (4.0 km)), and the NASCAR (2.62 miles (4.22 km)) course. The original racetrack had a 1.1-mile (1.8 km) backstretch from 1957 to 1968. When the track was redesigned in 1969, Turn 9 was reconfigured with a wider radius and a dogleg approach added to reduce strain on the cars' brakes.
    Due to its proximity to the Southern California entertainment industry, RIR was a frequent filming location for Hollywood movies, television series and commercial advertisements.
    Scenes from the television shows CHiPs, Simon and Simon, The Rockford Files, Knight Rider, and the HBO program Super Dave Osborne were shot on location at RIR. The television movie adaptation of Gemini Man, Riding With Death, featured as an experiment on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, also contains footage of racing at Riverside.
    RIR was extensively featured in the 1961 telefilm "The Quick and the Dead," an episode of the series Route 66. The episode stars Martin Milner and George Maharis, and guest stars Harvey Korman, Regis Toomey, and Betsy Jones-Moreland. Milner races a 1960 powder-blue Chevrolet Corvette in the film.
    Film shoots at RIR included scenes from: Good Guys Wear Black (1978) The Betsy (1978), Fireball 500 (1966), Grand Prix (1966), The Killers (1964), The Love Bug (1968), On the Beach (1959), Roadracers (1959), Speedway (1966), Stacey (1973), Thunder Alley (1967), Winning (1969), and Viva Las Vegas (1964).
    The first weekend of scheduled races in September 1957, a California Sports Car Club event, John Lawrence of Pasadena, California, lost his life. Lawrence, a former Cal Club, under 1500 cc Production champion, went off at Turn 5 (later designated Turn 8). With no crash barrier in place, and no rollbar on the car, the MG A he was driving went up the sand embankment, then rolled back onto the track. Though Lawrence survived the incident, and appeared slightly injured, he died later at the hospital of a brain injury.
    The second major event at the track, in November 1957, was a sports car race featuring some of the top drivers of the day, including Carroll Shelby, Masten Gregory and Ken Miles. Another driver entered was an inexperienced local youngster named Dan Gurney, who had been offered the opportunity to drive a powerful but ill-handling 4.9-liter Ferrari after better-known drivers such as Shelby and Miles had rejected it. Shelby led early but spun and fell back. Gurney assumed the lead and led for much of the event. Shelby, driving furiously to catch up, finally overtook Gurney late in the race and won. Gurney's performance caught the eye of North American Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti, who arranged for Gurney to drive a factory-supported Ferrari at Le Mans in 1958, effectively launching the Californian's European career.
    Footage exists of classic races like the 1986 Los Angeles Times Grand Prix in which the Chevy Corvette of Doc Bundy, attempting a three-wide pass, hit the Ford Probe of Lyn St. James and the Jaguar of Chip Robinson at Turn 1. St. James' car caught fire and Chip Robinson nearly cartwheeled into the crowd. Fortunately, St. James survived the flames and Robinson escaped uninjured within the track bounds.
    The track was known as a relatively dangerous course, with its long, downhill back straightaway and brake-destroying, relatively slow 180-degree Turn 9 at the end. During the 1965 Motor Trend 500 NASCAR race, Indycar great A.J. Foyt suffered a brake failure at the end of the straight, going end-over-end at high speed. Crash crews assumed Foyt was dead at the scene, until fellow driver Parnelli Jones noticed a twitch of movement. Ford factory sports car driver Ken Miles was killed there in a testing accident in August 1966 when his Ford sports car prototype (known as the J-car) became aerodynamically unstable and flew out of control at the end of the back straight. In December 1968, American Formula 5000 champion Dr. Lou Sell crashed and overturned in Turn 9 on the first lap of the Rex Mays 300 Indianapolis-style race, suffering near-fatal burns. These accidents and others caused track management to reconfigure Turn 9, giving the turn a dogleg approach and a much wider radius (a water improvement also closed the raceway for a few months).
    In January 1964, Riverside also claimed the life of 1962–'63 NASCAR champion Joe Weatherly, who refused to wear a shoulder harness and wore his lap belt loosely. Weatherly died when he lost control entering Turn 6, hitting the steel barrier almost broadside and had his head snapped out the window against the barrier.
    Nevertheless, in 1983 Turn 9 was the site of the only fatality in IMSA GTP history. In the 1983 Times Grand Prix, Rolf Stommelen's Joest-constructed Porsche 935 lost its rear wing at the Dogleg and hit two freeway-type barriers sending it into a horrific roll at Turn 9.
    When the racetrack was proposed in the mid-1950s, Riverside International Motor Raceway (as it was called at the time) was planned to ultimately be 5.0 miles (8.0 km) long, but the club extension was never constructed and the track's final length (after Turn 9 was adjusted in 1969, engineered by David Berg, to a 10 degree banked sweeper) was 3.3 miles (5.3 km).
    Of the entire road course races run at RIR, there was at least one that was run in a counter-clockwise direction sometime in the 1960s. In the spring of 1966 Dan Gurney tested his first Eagle racing car on a shortened, counter-clockwise version of the track (to accommodate the car's Indianapolis-specific left-turn oiling system). The test led Gurney to propose to track president Les Richter to hold an Indianapolis-style race there. The Rex Mays 300 served as the season-ending USAC Indianapolis-car race from 1967 to 1969.
    ESPN taped the June 12, 1988, Budweiser 400 race at RIR and caught racer Ruben Garcia crashing hard off turn 9 and his car went through two cement barriers before coming to rest near a catch fence where fans were sitting. He was not injured, though, and neither were the race fans.
    After 14 years of NASCAR as a driver and later a car owner, Richard Childress won his first NASCAR race in 1983, when Ricky Rudd drove his #3 Piedmont Airlines Chevrolet to victory in the 1983 Budweiser 400k.
    From 1981 until 1987, NASCAR's championship race was at Riverside. The USAC Championship Trail also held their season ending race from 1967 to 1969.
    Riverside was home to track announcer Sandy Reed and (along with former LA Rams player Les Richter) Roy Hord Jr.
    NASCAR Team owners Roger Penske and Rick Hendrick drove a select few races at Riverside in their own cars. Penske won a Winston West race in 1963, while In the final race in 1988, Hendrick got out of the car and let Elliott Forbes-Robinson take over.
    Riverside's Winston Western 500 was the opener to the NASCAR Winston Cup season until 1981, when NASCAR moved the start of the season to February and changed the starting race to the Daytona 500. That same race was moved to the end of the year and became the season finale for the Cup Series, a distinction it held until 1986.
    There are two streets in the neighborhood to the east of the Moreno Mall, Andretti Street and Penske Street, a reference to Mario Andretti, and Roger Penske a driver and team owner who each won multiple races at Riverside.
    Closure and transformation into a shopping mall
    RIR, headed by former Los Angeles Rams player Les Richter sold the property to real estate developer Fritz Duda in 1983. The irony is that Duda had once been a turn announcer for NASCAR's broadcasting arm Motor Racing Network, and many felt racing would long be a part of the Riverside landscape. 1988 was the final year of racing for Riverside International Raceway. On June 12, 1988, NASCAR held its final race at RIR – a race won by Rusty Wallace (a caution flag was out for Ruben Garcia when he came off Turn 9 and lost control of his car and hit a wall, missing the grandstands). In 1989, the track was modified from turn 7A to the back straight. The modified track was called Riverside Regional Raceway and continued to be used for club events. After SCORE International held its last race, the track finally closed its gates after 32 years of racing. Fritz Duda turned the "House that Dan Gurney built" into a shopping mall which opened in 1992. The Moreno Valley Mall at Towngate is on the northern end of the former raceway property and houses now occupy the southern end of the old racetrack (where Tim Richmond and Dale Earnhardt raced). In a 1994 topographical map, the remains of Riverside's Turn 9 and a wall were still visible. However, today nothing is left of RIR except for memorabilia from the racetrack. The old Administration Building remained until 2005, when it was torn down to make way for a complex of townhomes.

    When Riverside closed in 1989, it followed in the footsteps of Ontario Motor Speedway (in nearby Ontario), which closed in 1980, and followed by Ascot Park in Gardena in 1991. In the 1990s, two new circuits opened: Auto Club Speedway in nearby Fontana in 1997, and Toyota Speedway at Irwindale (now the Irwindale Event Center) in 1999 and is in danger of meeting the same fate as Riverside. Both tracks, like Riverside, have been used for filming.
    In 2003, the remainder of the old Riverside International Raceway was torn up. The sign that was at California 60 and Day Street was removed to make way for a Lowe's warehouse and Turn 9 of the old track is now home to houses.
    In 2003, plans were announced to build a 3-mile (4.8 km) road course with a similar design to the famed Riverside layout in Merced, California. The track would have been known as the Riverside Motorsports Park, but the project was abandoned in 2009.

    ~ In your CIRCUIT list, the track is:
    "1965 US RRC Season, 02 USRRC Riverside (GT)"
    ~ Race length is 45 minutes.
    ~ Race Pit Speed is N/A
    ~ Do not use off-course areas to gain an advantage.
    Race Day and Time:
    Tuesday, Jan. 10th,
    Qualifying at 9 PM EDT (10 minutes)
    Warmup, 5 minutes,

    When lights turn green, proceed double file at a pace set by the pole man.
    When you see "GREEN FLAG GREEN FLAG" in your AutoChat, the race begins for all.
    (Entire field does not have to be in the start area for race to start)


    You can read a lot more about MNRL's procedures including
    our modified Starts at the Topic:
    MNRL Mods and Operating Procedures)" in the MNRL Forum.
    .................................................. ...................
    Race review and penalties:
    The race review team will review the start after each race, as well as review any incidents for which an incident protest was filed, and issue any penalties as appropriate. The results of these reviews will be posted no later than one week before the next event. All drivers are required to read the race review/penalty thread before the upcoming race so that they will be aware if they are required to serve any penalties. Any driver receiving a penalty will also be notified via PM. NOTE: Unless otherwise specified in the driver briefing for an event, the review team typically will only review the start for each event. Therefore if you experience an incident during an event that happens after the Start, you will need to use our Incident Protest Form to file an official protest if you wish to have it reviewed.

    !!!PLEASE be familiar with CMS rules and regulations!!!
    Rules and Regulations
    .................................................. ...................

    Server should be up the Monday before our race.
    At that time, in the SERVER LIST, look for

    Links for mod and track :

    Vintage TransAm Under 2 Liter

    Riverside and Watkins Glen
    NOTE: Install to your root rFactor folder.

    Here is the link for our race password:


    Link for rFactor if you don't have it:

    rFactor on Steam


    TransAm U2 Schedule:

    6 Lime Rock
    13 MidOhio, chicane

    20 Bridgehampton: Bridgehampton

    27 60ies tracks, Watkins Glen: Riverside and Watkins Glen

    3 Vanport, no chicane: Vanport

    10 60ies tracks, Riverside: Riverside and Watkins Glen
    .................................................. .................................................. .......................................
    In addition to Registering at Champion Motorsports, you should
    also register here:
    Champion Motorsports Stats Database

    Only need to register once, this will enter you into the
    CMS points keeping and standings system.
    Also you can optionally sign up for the seniors championship if applicable.
    Seniors TransAm U2 Points
    .................................................. .................................................. ...........................
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    This week's "Love of the Cars" final highlight segment for the MNRL TA-U2L cars focuses on the Lotus Cortina. The Lotus Cortina has some of the same strong following we saw with the BMW 2002 and the Escort Mark 1. But it is more exclusive because of the limited production of the Lotus developed drivetrain, chassis and body modifications. As it was, a Ford rep named Walter Hayes asked Colin Chapman if Lotus could retrofit a 1000 Mark 1 Cortinas (1963 - 1966) with a Lotus twin cam version of Ford’s new Kent I-4 engine so Ford could homologate the Cortinas for Group B saloon racing. Chapman agreed despite being very busy with building the Lotus Elan at the time.

    The major changes from normal production Cortinas involved installing the 1,557 cc (105*bhp (78*kW; 106*PS)) engine, together with the same close-ratio gearbox as the Elan. The rear suspension was drastically altered and lightweight alloy panels were used for doors, bonnet and boot. Lightweight casings were fitted to gearbox and differential. All the Lotus factory cars were painted white with a green stripe (although Ford built some for racing in red, and one customer had a dark blue stripe due to being superstitious about green). The cars also received front quarter bumpers and round Lotus badges were fitted to rear wings and to the right side of the radiator grille. More changes came in 1964 and 1965, as well as revised version for the Mark II Cortina (1966 - 1970). But the early cars are the ones that earned the Lotus Cortina a reputation as a little giant killer that could be pushed hard and win regularly in the saloon class B at the local road circuit.

    Although the Lotus Cortina's have been occasionally used for rally, hill climb and other forms of motorports, it's fame and attraction is mostly as the little sedan that could beat other more powerful and more sporty by design cars - at least on road circuits where handling is at a premium. And although other "B" class sedan racing occurred before the Lotus Cortina arrived in the mid sixities, none were as revolutionary and inspiring to so many people. In a way, you could say the Lotus Cortina was the grandfather of small but fast sedan racing as we know it today.

    So, lets have a look at all the love for this revolutionary little racing saloon below.

    By genre and focus, here are some highlights of Lots Cortina love:
    1. Real racing back in the day:
    a. BSCC Crystal Palace 1964 -
    b. The Cortina at Sebring (Clark and Gurney 1964) -

    2. Lotus Cortina Historics Road Circuit Racing in the 21st Century:
    a. Amazing Battle - BMW 2002 TI - Alfa Romeo GTA - Ford Lotus Cortina - GTC-TC´71 (Repeat from Alfa and BMW) -
    b. Racing a Lotus Cortina | INSIDE evo (Talk and Ride) -
    c. Lotus Cortina 50th Anniversary Race (Veddy British - racing in the rain at Brands Hatch) -
    d. BTCC Champions' Epic Cortina Battle | Goodwood Revival (Onboard) -
    e. 2015 Goodwood St Mary's Trophy Part 1 - full race (great Cortina action with Alpha in top 3) -
    f. Matt Neal eats up Silverstone opposition in Lotus Cortina (Onboard) -
    g. Lotus Cortina Nb Bathurst Race 2 2014 (Onboard) -
    h. Lotus Cortina Mk1 Onboard - Saturday Race, VRG Turkey Bowl 2012 (One of Norm's old race tracks - Summit Point) -

    3. Hill Climb and Rally Action:
    a. 24° Trofeo Scarfiotti Sarnano Sassotetto Ford Cortina Lotus (Onboard) -
    b. Haunted Hills Hillclimb Nb Mk1 Lotus Cortina (Onboard) -

    4. Restoration, street/track rivival and memorial stories:
    a. This German Ford Collector Keeps His Fleet Nice And Simple (Multiple Escorts and a uniquely created Lotus Cortina) -
    b. Restored 1963 Mk1 Consul Cortina Lotus Twincam 178TJH -
    d. Restoration Blog: November 2016 - Jay Leno's Garage (Employee Cortina revival starts around 17 min. mark) -
    e. CarTorque Episode 6: Cortina Lotus (Talk and Drive, awesome condition) -
    f. Ford Lotus Cortina - Fifth Gear Legends (Lotus Cortina Vloger History Talk and Drive Memorial) -
    g. And finally, a historical slide show memorial to the Lotus Cortina (1963 to 2015) -

    Lets thank Colin Chapman and some progressive thinking guys at Ford of Europe for all the memories. Enjoy all this Lotus Cortina love and let us know your favorite video. Mine was probably 2e (St. Mary's Trophy Race), because I wanted to go play GT Legends after watching the variety of cars from the sixties sliding around the Goodwood circuit, bumber to bumper and fender to fender, pushing their cars to the limit.

    Have fun racing these little sedans at the last TA U2L race at Riverside!

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    My tid bits here...

    Same as with the Watkins Glen track : you must run the track at Medium or better, At Low track details, the laps wont be counted as xfinish, xpitin, xpitout and xsectors are set at VisGroups=(4). VisGroups=(4) means "removed from Low detail and lower". With the Graphic set to "Low" nothing shows up except the track groundplane without any indicators. At Medium, rFactor will use the lap cues.

    Also mainView ClipPlanes is at 10 thousand kilometers. ClipPlanes tells rFactor (gMotor sims) to render 3D objects up to that specific distance.

    Opened GameData\Locations\SixtiesTracks\65Riverside\1965_ River_CanAm\1965_River_CanAm.scn

    1- There will be mismatch if you just delete zeros.
    2- If you edit anything, make yourself a backup of the file!

    Personally, I select the file, copy/paste it the same folder but then I rename it, I add .org to the end of it as with a name like "1965_River_CanAm - Copy.scn", rFactor will be looking for other track files named "1965_River_CanAm - Copy". No big deal, rFactor moves on when it cannot find them (It just shows up when doing a Trace).

    In this case here, line 19 in 1965_River_CanAm.scn :
    ClipPlanes=(0.50, 10000000.00)

    can only be changed by moving the decimal point:

    ClipPlanes=(0.50, 1000.000000)
    or to
    ClipPlanes=(0.50, 1500.000000)

    Any value as long as you don't change the total number of digits.

    I don't think anyone will have any frame rate issue but if you do... this is how to fix it.

    That was mainView ClipPlanes... there's another one: rearview ClipPlanes.
    What is displayed in the mirrors. That one too can eat frames.
    Line 26 in the same file goes like:
    ClipPlanes=(1.00, 10200.00)
    That would be 102 kilometers...
    I changed mine to:
    ClipPlanes=(1.00, 120.0000)
    so object in the mirrors disappear as they get further than 120 meters.

    I'm working on the WSC series tracks now.
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    I own crappy boxes... well you know what? 20gigs on a Asus P7P55 LX with an i7-860 running a used GTX970 4GD5T OC on an new AOC Q2963 21:9 screen... I'm doing way better! I even got myself a barely used G29! But I still endlessly mod rFactor...

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    I always get all weepy eyed when Riverside is up. For some reason I end up at this site to look at the tracks slow vanishing act as the rats moved in.
    Riverside Today

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    When the AI suck, I take a fit !

    It's only version 1.0 so please don't post it anywhere as I haven't tested it with any other mod. Only TA-U2.

    1965_River_CanAm.aiw fix version 1.0!DooAEAAY!nx6A8k8Uc...AjZn-HDgl6hEKY

    The AI is 4-5 seconds faster.
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    I own crappy boxes... well you know what? 20gigs on a Asus P7P55 LX with an i7-860 running a used GTX970 4GD5T OC on an new AOC Q2963 21:9 screen... I'm doing way better! I even got myself a barely used G29! But I still endlessly mod rFactor...

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    I'm out for tonight and will be getting ready for the next series (hopefully the ENTIRE series) in the days to come. Aside from still being under the weather a bit we are having horrendous winds all day today and night (gusts up to 60 mph so far) causing 4 power outages already in just the last 5 hours alone, so being able to hold an internet connection (or even having power) for the entire race is just too iffy. Good luck to all tonight and hope you all have a blast racing!

    *EDIT*: just had our 5th outing of the day and having problems staying connected to even to sites on the internet. Definitely out for tonight. Horrendous weather today!!
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