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Thread: MNRL SENIORS sign up here

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  1. Default MNRL SENIORS sign up here

    Please Use Discord for SENIORS sign up. Look For "TUESDAYS - AMS (MNRL) # mnrl-league-info"

    If you do not have Discord installed yet...

    Use this link to join the CMS Discord server:

    If you have yet to join the CMS Discord server, please do this as soon as possible.
    It may take a minute (or hour or two) to get everything organized and get yourself familiarized with the interface.
    You will also need to be given permission, once you accept the Discord invite, before certain channels on the CMS server can be accessed.
    Please don't wait until race night to try to organize this stuff!

    Thank you!
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    Paul Nadeau

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    Illinois, USA


    Hi all,
    It has been a long time but I'm going to try and get back to this fun.
    Yes I'm a Senior at 61.
    When you see me on the track its not that I'm getting slow it is more like I was never fast.

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    Well I'm going to give it another try. I guess I qualify as a senior ( 79 next month ). Still trying to find my way around this site. Need the mod download if someone could help this "oldtimers diseased person".

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    The mod and track downloads are in the MNRL Forum section, Season two WSC announcement and downloads topic.
    I will email you the pw.

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    Bob, I sent an email to your yahoo address at the request of Norm this morning.
    If you need any assistance, contact me here or there and I will do my best to assist you in getting set up and ready to race.

    That's where you will find the downloads and such, if that makes it any easier to find.

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    OK, I'll confess age, maybe will help explain if/when I do something boneheaded(!)
    Nice to be back at an MNRL series Norm, I ran with MNRL years back, fun times and here they come again. Am fairly casual at Sim racing but always fun!

    I just tested mod, will be running the blue Porsche 908 in the '3000 class

    Don F, age 59
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    Bruno Chacon age 57

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    Don, you old dog you !
    Great to have you back after so many years...
    I recall so many close battles with you back in the Day!
    see you (once again) on track!

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    Scott Beck Age 61
    Scott Beck
    Rothmans Racing

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