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Thread: MNRL mods and operating procedures explained

  1. Default MNRL mods and operating procedures explained

    The purpose of this topic is to acquaint new drivers to MNRL on how
    our rFactor1 mods are constructed and work.

    All MNRL rF1 mods are constructed so that each marque is exactly
    the same as all other marques in every way except visually.
    In other words, for our first series, TransAm U2, the Alfas, BMWs,
    Escorts, Datsuns and Lotuses are the same "under the hood".
    Same engine, transmission, suspension, aero, tires, etc.
    While the mod does allow some changes in setup, the basic cars
    are identical but for appearance.

    "Lift and blip" When upshifting you must lift slightly, just as you would
    when driving a real car of this era. Likewise, when downshifting,
    you must blip the throttle to match revs during the downshift, again
    as you would for a real car.
    Lift and Blip Video

    Speedshifting slowly degrades the engine's performance. If speedshifting
    occurs repreatedly, eventually the motor will blow up.
    It is possible to downshift without blipping but it is sloppy and in lower gears
    can result in spinning the car.
    (For the U2 mod we'll be using, there is, in the Upgrades, a choice of
    shift preference. Semi auto shifting, nullifying lift/ blip, can be chosen
    but the car will be a little slower

    Setup changes -

    Changes allowed depend upon how much work a team would perform
    on the car on a race weekend at the track. For example, for Formula 1, all
    setup changes are allowed.
    Conversely, for Formula Ford, say, very few changes are allowed as a
    typical "weekend warrior" F Ford team would not be changing much
    besides tire pressure, anti sway bar settings, quick change gearboxes.

    Comparative lap times -
    Each MNRL mod is tested against
    the lap times recorded by the real cars the mod represents.
    We are nearly always able to tailor our cars so that our best
    drivers are matching the times performed by the real deal
    at any parcticular track. This lends itself to a sense of realism
    in that , when you are lapping with your sim car, you know that your times are
    approximate as if you were driving the real car on that track.

    Schedule - MNRL runs two types of series:

    Historic - Historic / Vintage cars on "period" tracks, meaning tracks
    as configured in the era of the mod being run.
    Vintage - Historic / Vintage cars run on "modern" tracks.

    Where possible, our track schedules reflect the track running order of
    the real series' year/season.

    MNRL Starts

    MNRL uses a rolling start lap "GREEN FLAG" chat system.

    The Server is set for Standing Start. However, when the green flag/lights
    are displayed, do NOT race. Instead , proceed at 50 mph / 80kph formation lap,
    paced by the pole man. Continue this lap until somewhere near the track
    Start line, when you will start looking for GREEN FLAG GREEN FLAG in your
    Chat. When you see GREEN FLAG GREEN FLAG displayed in Chat,
    the race is on!
    NOTE: Occasionally we will have a series with a standing start for the sake of realism. For example a formula car where in real life they do standing starts.
    There also may be SPECIAL start procedures posted. For example at Mid-Ohio we start an the backstretch or there may be changes in the formation lap speed.
    Please read the pre-race posts every week to look for changes.

    Any questions, post here and we'll attempt to answer them.
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    MNRL Rules and Regs for the new drivers, Norm? Please make sure EVERY NEW DRIVER understands our punting policy/gentlemen racing requirements!!!

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    Mike and all,
    One of the reasons MNRL came here to CMS is that we were assured the drivers here have the same
    sportsmanship ideas as do we. After the test race last Tuesday, that fact is confirmed. The CMS
    drivers are a gentlemenly group for sure, fun and clean racing with them which I am sure will continue!

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    Chuck Napoli Guest


    Love being back to "lift and blipp"! Got so used to it when racing with MNRL that when I did events outside MNRL I had to get used to NOT using lift and blipp.

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    Hi - See a mention of Teamspeak but not yet finding a link and login info. Do see such for rF2 league @ CMS, perhaps thats the one being used if there is one.. So, if preferred we have that on for the events, wanting to confirm the details. I'm not a big chatter, but will surely use it if preferred. Thanks

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    It's not required, Don. But it is fun. I haven't been around there much but intend to use it more moving forward.

    Let me see if I can dig up a valid link for teamspeak for you. Will send you the password in a private message.

    ETA: Private message sent, Don.
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    The easiest way to get on the right ts server is to just go to the cms home page, click on 'champion motorsports' in the teamspeak banner on the right side. Then just drop in the pass, and you are good to go. You can save as a favorite as well. This assumes you have ts loaded on your pc, of course.

    -See You On Track!

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    blue skies, jerry

    Pass carefully - Driver chews tobacco

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