Hi All,

After some lengthy discussion with the race review committee, the Historics Series will be instituting a series-specific rule which introduces the No-Qualify-Stop-and-Hold (NQSH) penalty. This measure is being taken to compensate for the lack of pitlane speeds at many historic tracks, which reduces the impact of the NQDT penalty; and also to give the potential for cumulative penalty due for multiple offenses.

Unfortunately, we are about to put this penalty to immediate use as a result of the Zandvoort race. This series definitely has the attention of race review; we all need to be extremely conscious of contact in the OZ in an effort to maintain the high standards of racing we've come to expect at CMS. An hour long race is more than enough time for the field to sort itself into order, no need to force the issue in the first few corners. Be cool and let the race come to you!

Longford is an especially high risk OZ. I always wish best of luck to everyone, but this time let's make our own luck by being extra careful! See you on track tomorrow night! NQSH

Due to the lack of pit lane speed limits at many historic tracks, performing a drive-through often does not impose the same time penalty that would be due at a modern track. Therefore, Historics Series may impose a No-Qualify-Stop-and-Hold (NQHS) penalty, which requires stopping on pit lane for a specified number of seconds, duration to be at the discretion of the series admin depending on the severity or frequency of the infraction. NQSH10 will be the standard penalty equivalent of a normal NQDT. NQSH requires stopping in pit lane, but does not require that the pit crew be engaged. Drivers need only stop at the beginning or end of the pit lane without obstructing pit lane or any other driver's pit box.