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Thread: rFactor2 - How to create a 2nd installation when using Steam

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    Default rFactor2 - How to create a 2nd installation when using Steam

    How to create a 2nd rF2 installation using Steam

    If you need 2nd installation for testing purposes etc., it can be done even when you are using rF2 under the Steam umbrella. It is slightly complex, and does have some draw backs: If you install something from the workshop, it will install it both instances of your rFactor2.

    1. Get the Steam key - Either purchase a new or convert your old non-Steam registration.
    2. Make a backup copy of your “UserData” folder in the rF2 directory
    3. Install rF2 using Steam
    4. Unsubscribe to everything in Steam
    5. If you want to save hard disk space, go to the \Steam\SteamApps\Common\rFactor 2\Cache folder and delete all the content of this folder
    6. Copy your old UserData into the new installation
    7. Edit the file path in the player.json file so it reflects the new installation (5-6 places to edit)
    8. Create a new folder in \Steam\SteamApps\Common\ and call it eg. rF2CMS
    9. Copy the content of \Steam\SteamApps\Common\rFactor 2\ to the new folder
    10. Edit the player.json in the 2nd installation
    11. Locate the “Launch rFactor.exe” file in the …\Launcher folder of each installation and create a shortcut to each of these on the desktop.
    12. Launch your rF2 instances and install your mods and tracks.

    How to update your 2nd Steam install when a new build is released.

    1. Update your primary rF2 Steam based installation.
    2. Go to your secondary rF2 Steam Installation. Make a back-up copy these two folders: "Installed" and "UserData"
    3. Delete the entire secondary installation.
    4. Create a copy of your primary installation (If you use same folder name as the old secondary, you already have the game shortcut).
    5. Delete the folders "Installed" and "UserData" in the secondary installation.
    6. Copy the your back-up folders "Installed" and "UserData" in the new installation.
    7. Launch and verify.

    Your tips and tricks are very welcome! Please post here, and we will incorporate it!

    Further information can be found here:
    Downloading and installing packages from Steam, but without using the Workshop.
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    Updated to provide instructions on updating to new build.

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