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Thread: When you play another game that doesn't use a wheel...

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    Default When you play another game that doesn't use a wheel...

    Do you have to disconnect your wheel and pedals? I made a New Years resolution to complete the main story of at least 12 games from my backlog of games, however many of the older titles just assume to use the first controller.

    Many seem to use a mix of the controller, the wheel and pedals. I wish to be able to just use the controller when playing those games and then use my wheel and pedals in the sims I need. Is there a simple way? I've tried to set the other controller as the primary or default controller but it doesn't seem to help.

    I have resorted to having to unplug the wheel and pedals to play but it's an added step that I don't like.

    I've even started to consider building a different computer for each purpose.

    Suggestions very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problem. However I do not plan to get anew PC as having to maintain 2 seems more work than the unplugging. I just have the USB box close to where I can easily get it.

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    Some games I play get confused if the wheel (G27) is connected to the computer, so out of habit I usually unplug it each night anyway even if I'm not planning on playing anything else.

    To make it easier, I bought a 10-plug USB3 port that sits next to the computer and makes it easy to see what's plugged in and powered on. It's nice to just look over and see the number of lights on the box, as well as being able to plug and unplug anything without having to reach around to the back of the box!
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