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Thread: Supplemental Rules & Regs (Required Reading)

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    Champion Motorsports North American Racing Series Supplemental Rules

    In addition to the CMS General Rules and Regulations, the following passages are supplementary rules which must be adhered to whenever a driver competes in a CMS North American Racing Series race.

    1. North American Racing Series Orange Zone Review and Protest Procedures

    1.1 As part of our normal post-race procedure the CMS Race Review Team will automatically review all racing incidents within the orange zone, which is currently the OZ designated on the track map posted prior to each event. Upon completion of their review, they will be responsible for issuing any warnings or penalties based on the CMS General Rules and Regulations. Any driver who is involved in an Orange Zone incident should be fully prepared to offer his or her point of view of the incident to the Race Committee. Their decision is final and there will be no appeals regarding the outcome.

    The following drivers are members of the Race Review Committee:

    Jon Uyan - Review and Rules chairman (rF1, rF2, P&G, AC, Automobilista, R3E, Dirt Rally)
    Aaron DeMarre - Rally admin
    Jerry Hamilton - Senior steward (rF1, rF2, AC, Automobilista, iRacing)
    Stuart Barge - Steward (rF2)
    Arturo Pereira - Steward (rF1, rF2)
    Claudio Navonne - Steward (rF2)
    Aaron Page - Steward (rF1)
    Kurt Stevens - Steward (rF1)
    Ken Baldwin - Steward (AC)
    Greg Hall - Steward (rF2)
    Chris Hamilton - Steward (rF2)

    1.2 The committee reviews the Orange Zone, and will assess any penalties or warnings. Beyond the orange zone review, no further replay or race action review is conducted by the team. However, we understand that incidents may occur throughout the entire race, and in such cases any aggressive competitor with intent to protest another driver's actions has the ability to request a review of an incident via our protest system to the CMS Race Steward.

    Should any driver feel the need to file a protest regarding an on track incident, the following process must be used. Incomplete items or lack of information will discard the protest from consideration. It is important that we have all of the information followed to ensure fairness and consistency in the process.

    0. Protests will only be accepted via the following submission form

    1. Protests may not be submitted until a minimum of 24 hours after the race -- this will be deemed as the cool off and reflection "let cooler heads prevail" period.

    2. A protest must include a short description of the issue.

    3. The drivers in question in the protest must be specified in the submission.

    4. The protest must include a reference to the lap and exact time stamp of the issue from the SERVER REPLAY of the race. The server replay is the definitive copy of the race, and will always be used. In the event that a server replay is not available, you may provide local replay evidence, but be aware we may require replay from one or more additional systems to validate the accuracy of the replay quality.

    5. Protests will be taken no later than 72 hours after the event at which time the protest window will occur. If a protest is not made between 24-72 hours post race it will not be accepted at a later date.

    6. Upon receipt of the protest the CMS Race Steward or admin acting in his stead will review the evidence, make a determination on any action needed and communicate to the affected parties. Please note that the submission of a protest does not guarantee punitive action will be taken. All, the information will be reviewed objectively and each competitor involved in the incident will receive equal scrutiny.

    2. Changing Classes and Car Make or Model

    A driver's car/class for a season is determined by the car/class in which they race their first race in a CMS series.

    2.1 You are allowed one change of car, and one change of class per season.

    2.2 There will be no changes of car or class allowed after the half way point of the season, as this may have an adverse effect on points battles that have been developing during the season.

    2.3 In the event that a class population officially drops below 3 drivers (as indicated by change request in the official signup thread or class participation) the remaining drivers in said class shall be allowed (with pre-approval from the series director) to make a class change after the half way point of the season up to, but not including the final event of the season. Absolutely no class/car changes of any kind are allowed at the final event of any season.

    2.4 All car/class changes must be pre-approved via request by a PM to a member of the North American Racing Series staff before joining the race server in a different car/class. (Dave Slee "DaveS", James Knowles "Tannat" or Stuart Barge "SBarge")

    2.5 Unauthorized model/class changes will result in disqualification from any and all events that the driver participated in, while driving an unauthorized car.


    3.1 There are 2 types of penalties you may receive during an event. Those that are given by rF2 itself, and those that are issued by the review team after the event.

    3.2 The rF2 penalties are typically either for speeding in pit lane, or jumping the start. The rF2 penalties with either be "drive thru's" or "stop and go's". If you receive one you will see an icon in your upper left screen. To serve or "clear" this penalty you must enter the pits and when your pit menu comes up you should see at the top the penalty. You must highlight and select this and either drive thru the pits at pit speed or come to a stop in your pit depending on the type of penalty you received.

    3.3 Penalties you receive AFTER the race review team reviews each race are to be served at the next NARS event that you attend. Simply skipping the next event will not clear this penalty. The most common type of penalty you will receive will be what is called a "NQ (No Qualifying) or a NQ/Drive thru". To serve this you simply "sit out" qualifying (do not go on track during qualifying), You start the race wherever rF2 places you on the grid, you are not allowed to make any overtakes, and at the end of the 1st lap you must signal that your pitting, enter the pits and drive thru at pit speed, then rejoin the race.

    3.4 When the review team has finished reviewing each event, a "Race Review/Penalties" thread will be posted in the sticky section of the NARS forums after each event. The review and any penalties will be listed in the post. This post is required reading and in addition any driver who is receiving a penalty will receive a PM to notify them. So, there are no excuses to not be aware of a penalty and failure to serve a penalty will result in the driver being DQ'd from that event.

    3.5 Each review is done by the race review team by at least 3 reviewers and the series admin. All findings are final and NOT subject to appeal. Any attempt to do so will likely result in a more severe penalty.
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