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Thread: CMS League wide General Rules & Regulations (Required Reading)

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    Default CMS League wide General Rules & Regulations (Required Reading)

    The following passages are the current General Rules and Regulations (GCR) for all Champion Motorsports series and events. They are required reading for every competitor who intends to take part in events here at Champion Motorsports. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the GCR. Although we always attempt to inform our competitors of any changes to our rules, please check back from time to time to reacquaint yourself. Not knowing a particular rule will not aid in your defense should you be found guilty of an infraction. More than likely, ignorance of the rules will simply make matters worse.

    In addition to these General Rules and Regulations each individual series and event may have additional Supplementary Rules and Regulations and Driver’s meeting notes particular to each series. Please refer the sticky threads in our forums that relate to the series or event for which you are involved. Please note that if there are conflicts between Supplemental Regulations and the GCR, the GCR will take precedence unless a bulletin is published by the Race Steward.

    Further, each series will have additional specific rules. Links to these rules can be found at the end of this post.

    Champion Motorsports General Rules and Regulations

    1. Driver Conduct

    Competitors taking part in our events here at Champion Motorsports are required to treat all drivers and race officials with respect in the sim, on the race course, in race chat and in our forums.

    1.1 All competitors must realize that we all race for fun and enjoyment. Setting up one's car for any race at Champion Motorsports will require a serious effort by drivers. Therefore we expect that everyone drive within their limits and take care not to affect the race of others by taking risks that would be unacceptable on a real race course.

    1.2 All competitors must attempt to keep two wheels on the racing surface at all times defined by the track limit lines. Drivers who repeatedly put more than 2 wheels off course will be penalized. If such off course excursions are deemed by race officials to have been initiated by any driver in order to gain an advantage, then the penalties assessed may be more severe and could include points deductions or DQ from the event. Race officials may take into account situations where driver error is obvious or instances where drivers were attempting to avoid contact. Should a driver who has put more than 2 wheels off the course pass another driver as a result, then the driver who passed must give the position back to the driver who was passed immediately.

    1.3 Assisting another competitor who has run out of fuel or experienced a mechanical breakdown by pushing his/her vehicle is not allowed. Further "bump drafting" is also prohibited.

    1.4 Flaming other drivers, admins or the administration staff, swearing, making accusations in Champion Motorsports forums or engaging in any form of chat rage may result in being banned from our forums and or being excluded from competition. Any driver who feels aggrieved by an on track incident or the behavior of another competitor is encouraged to follow proper procedure by contacting race stewards within 48 hours of such an incident via the forum’s Private Messaging system.

    1.5 At no time should a driver ever leave their car unattended on the track during an CMS session (practice, qualify, or race). During practice and qualifying, you may leave the computer while the car is parked in the garage (Not the pitlane). During a race, it is highly recommended that you never leave the computer while the car is on track or in the pitlane. Should another drivers race be influenced by your action, you will be seriously penalized. For further details, see series specific rules.

    2. Race Starts

    2.1 The start of every race can be the point where accidents can be the most damaging both for our competitors and our race series. An accident early on can put an end to the race for a large portion of the field. Champion Motorsports expects that everyone take care not to be over aggressive on race starts or for the first laps of any event. Remember that many of our races are long and it is far more important to keep your cars in one piece than to pass a few competitors in the early going. In Road Racing, “The Start” is considered a chance to gain advantage or position over other competitors. Here at Champion Motorsports that is not the case! “The Start” is an obstacle we must all attempt to overcome safely. Simply put, charging through the grid gaining positions, getting a great start, is not what race officials are hoping to see. All competitors enjoying a safe, controlled and timely start when the lights turn green is the action we expect.

    2.2 In order to place some control over the possibility of first lap incidents we will consider the area between the “Start Line”, (including the your starting grid position), until the end of the designated Orange Zone (OZ) area marked on the trackmap included in each driver briefing as an area where passing is to be conducted with extreme care. Should an incident occur because a driver chooses to pass in this “Orange Zone” the driver making the pass will most likely be held responsible for the incident.
    2.2.1 All race starts, including the Orange Zone will be reviewed by the Race Review Committee following the event and penalties will be issued to drivers who are considered to be at fault. Please note that a driver can cause an accident without making contact with another car.

    2.3 Race restarts: Champion Motorsports does not intend to have restarts of it’s championship races. However, race officials do retain the right to restart for technical reasons or should it be deemed necessary by the attending administrator(s). Please refer to individual series supplemental regulations as smaller events may allow restarts.

    3. Passing

    3.1 When attempting a pass, a driver should be sure that he or she is visible in the other driver’s cockpit view. This will alert the driver being passed that. Clearly the driver who is passing should be alongside before the turn in point. If the driver attempting the pass cannot get to this position before entering the corner, then he or she should not attempt the pass. Utmost care and caution is required when attempting a pass on a fellow competitor. The overtaking driver must ensure the driver he is attempting to pass is aware of a potential overtake, while the driver being passed must be aware of the proximity of drivers who may attempt a pass. Under no circumstances is "dive bombing" allowed.

    3.2 Defending a pass is allowed, but the defending driver is only allowed one lane-changing move and care must be taken not to cause an incident in the process. Weaving back and forth on a straight in order to break a draft is not acceptable.
    3.2.1 Drivers attempting to prevent a pass by blocking or moving into a passing driver’s line will be held responsible if an incident occurs.

    3.3 Safe lapping of slower cars (in same or other classes) requires the cooperation of both drivers. The faster car should show patience and not attempt a dive bomb pass, and the slower car should drive predictably and be ready to facilitate a safe pass.
    3.3.1 The slow car should hold their racing line and use normal braking points.
    3.3.2 The slow car can flash its lights to show it is safe to pass.
    3.3.3 The slow car can briefly lift off the throttle on a straight to facilitate the pass.
    3.3.4 Fast cars are not allowed to intimidate slow cars by on track behavior or using headlights to "snow plow"
    3.3.5 Brake checking, blocking, dive bombing, etc. is considered bad sportsmanship and will be penalized.
    3.3.6 If you are given the blue flag, you must strive to yield to the faster car as quick as reasonably possible. In general it should done within two straights and two corners after the flag has been shown.

    3.4 A driver who is about to lap another car or who is approaching a car in a slower class is encouraged to flash his or her headlights to make them aware that a faster car is gaining. Flashing lights once or twice is enough and should not be done at a point when you are so close that the driver in front of you could be seriously distracted or interpret your actions as impatience.
    3.4.1 Drivers on the same lap may not flash their lights unless the car in front is from a slower class running considerably slower lap times.

    3.5 Incidents caused by a lapped driver as a result of not yielding to lapping drivers may result in penalization of the lapped driver.

    3.6 A lead car may not intentionally make contact with a lapped or slower classed driver who has failed to yield the right of way.

    3.7 Should a lapping or faster class driver hit a lapped or slower class driver who has yielded the race line causing an accident, then the driver making the pass may be held responsible for the incident.

    3.8 When two or more drivers are lapping other competitors, a situation which may often be considered an opportunity to pass for position, it is expected that the overtaking drivers will show patience as the lead car attempts to overtake those drivers who are about to be lapped. Drivers who trail the lead car and make contact with the lead driver or those being lapped will be held responsible for any incident. Forcing your way through and inflicting damage is not acceptable behavior.

    3.9 Although we do not specifically prohibit drivers from two or more different classes from racing for an overall position within the race, we would hope that drivers would allow competitors who are apparently faster, but in a different class to have the opportunity to join in a race for position which may be available further up the road.

    4. Pit entry, Pit Exit and Re-Entering the Course

    4.1 Drivers exiting the pits must announce their intentions with the use of the simulation's "race chat feature" by mapping a wheel or keyboard button to display a phrase such "PO or Leaving the Pits". Similarly, a button should be assigned and used to announce "Entering the Pits".

    4.2 Drivers must obey pit lane speed limits at all times.

    4.3 When exiting pit lane, drivers must be aware of cars that are already on the track and are approaching the pit exit.

    4.4 Whenever there is a clearly defined pit exit blend line a driver may not at any time, except to avoid a wrecked or stalled car, cross four wheels over the blend line until he or she has reached the end of the pit exit lane. On tracks where a pit exit lane is not clearly defined the driver must exit the pits and stay as close to the nearest edge of the track as possible until the driver’s car is either up to full speed or has reached the entrance to first turn after the pit exit, whichever comes first.

    4.5 Whether during a race, qualifying or practice, drivers exiting the pits and entering the course, should not impede in any way, those drivers who are on a hot lap.
    During qualifications, those drivers who are on their outlap or those who have made obvious errors that will prevent their current lap from being their fastest to date should refrain from passing other cars who are on a hot lap unless it can be done without affecting the time of the other car.

    4.6 Drivers currently on course and approaching the pit exit should take notice of pit exit announcements and be prepared for drivers exiting pit lane.

    4.7 Drivers who have experienced a spin, an accident or who have gone off course are required to take the appropriate precautions when proceeding back onto the race course. A driver attempting to rejoin the circuit must attempt to get the best view of oncoming traffic, and must re enter the course gradually and with caution in order not to impede drivers who are approaching.

    5. Race Chat

    5.1 All drivers on our race servers are required to have "Autochat" enabled to both send and receive messages.

    5.2 As previously mentioned the use of Autochat is required to signal pit entry and exit. In order to reduce distractions for all drivers, during races or qualifying, no other messages than previously mentioned in these rules are permissible. There is no need to thank or apologize to other competitors. It is to be assumed by all competitors that sportsmanship and consideration of other drivers is appreciated by all. If drivers wish to communicate directly with another competitor, then the race chat "whisper" function or an available voice communication such as Teamspeak may be used. Abuse of race chat is further explained under General Rule, Driver Behavior 1.1

    Violations of Rule 5.2 will suffer the following penalties:
    A. Chatter during qualification: The offending driver's qualification time may be voided and the driver must start the race from the back of the field.
    B. Chatter during a race session: The offending driver may be penalized a minimum of 5 championship points for each infraction.

    5.3 No chat is accepted until all cars have passed the finish line

    6. Competitor Requirements

    6.1 All Competitors must have preregistered as an entrant and be granted permission to compete in the each series by a Champion Motorsports Administrator prior to joining our race servers unless it is an open unpassworded server.

    6.2 Every competitor must read and familiarize themselves with the GCR, any series' Supplemental Rules or event Drivers Meeting Briefs prior to joining our race servers.

    6.3 All drivers are required to test their connection and track/vehicle compatibility with our race server prior to race night. Race officials will not be sympathetic to drivers who have failed to connect with the server prior to race night. Our officials are racers too and will not be expected to hold the hands of competitors having mismatch or connection issues during official sessions.

    6.4 All drivers are expected to practice before each race event in order to ensure that they will not be a hazard to the other competitors during the race. Online practice is highly recommended.
    6.4.1 If you have not had ample opportunity to practice before the race you will be expected to consider the aforementioned rule and if necessary recuse yourself from participation of the said event.

    6.5 Competitors are expected to have a stable Internet connection. Race officials reserve the right to boot drivers whose connections are so poor as to be a problem for other drivers during an event.

    6.6 A proper racing controller/ steering wheel is highly recommended. For on track safety, control pads are strongly discouraged, due to their extreme sensitivity

    7. Serving penalties

    7.1 In most cases penalties that you receive (such as a no qually/drive thru or probation periods) are to be served at the next event that you attend, not the next event on the schedule. Therefore simply not attending the next event does not clear your penalty. However penalties such as suspensions are served with immediate effect.

    7.2 To serve a penalty certain steps need to be followed:

    7.2.1 NQ (No Qualify): Driver has to sit out qualification session, he is not allowed to get on track.

    7.2.2 NQDT (No Qualify Drive Thru): After complying with NQ part, driver will start the race or formation lap from the position where ever the sim places him. He is not allowed to race anybody and gain position(s) until he serves his penalty. If there is another driver positioned behind him (without a penalty) he will let him pass after a standing start. If it is a rolling start all drivers will keep their positions during formation lap.
    At the end of first lap or formation lap the driver announce his/her pit entry in chat box and perform the drive thru.

    7.2.3 NQS&G (No Qualify Stop & Go):Same as article 7.2.1 until pitlane entry. After driver enters pit lane he continues with allowed pit lane speed to the end of pit lane passing all the pit boxes, and he stops before getting on pit exit lane, making sure to leave enough room for other cars to be able to pass on passing lane (the most outer lane in pit area), comes to a full stop then take off.

    7.2.4 NQS&H10-30-60 (No Qualify Stop & Hold 10 Seconds, or 30 seconds, or 60 seconds): Same as article 7.2.3 until stopping at the end of pit lane. Driver then counts the given penalty time before taking off. Counting the stoppage time properly will be driver's responsibility.

    8. Incident Reviews and Protests
    8.1 As part of our normal post-race procedure the CMS Race Review Team will automatically review all racing incidents within the orange zone, which is currently the OZ designated on the track map posted prior to each event. Upon completion of their review, they will be responsible for issuing any warnings or penalties based on the CMS General Rules and Regulations. Any driver who is involved in an Orange Zone incident should be fully prepared to offer his or her point of view of the incident to the Race Committee. Their decision is final and there will be no appeals regarding the outcome.

    8.2 The committee reviews the Orange Zone, and will assess any penalties or warnings. Beyond the orange zone review, no further replay or race action review is conducted by the team. However, we understand that incidents may occur throughout the entire race, and in such cases any aggrieved competitor with intent to protest another driver's actions has the ability to request a review of an incident via our protest system to the CMS Race Steward.

    8.3 Should any driver feel the need to file a protest regarding an on track incident, the following process must be used. Incomplete items or lack of information will discard the protest from consideration. It is important that we have all of the information followed to ensure fairness and consistency in the process:
    A. Protests will only be accepted via the following submission form
    B. Protests may not be submitted until a minimum of 24 hours after the race -- this will be deemed as the cool off and reflection "let cooler heads prevail" period. Protest received more than 72 hours after race end will not be accepted.
    C. A protest must include a short description of the issue.
    D. The drivers in question in the protest must be specified in the submission.
    E. The protest must include a reference to the lap and exact time stamp of the issue from the SERVER REPLAY of the race. The server replay is the definitive copy of the race, and will always be used. In the event that a server replay is not available, you may provide local replay evidence, but be aware we may require replay from one or more additional systems to validate the accuracy of the replay quality.
    F. Upon receipt of the protest the CMS Race Steward or admin acting in his stead will review the evidence, make a determination on any action needed and communicate to the affected parties. Please note that the submission of a protest does not guarantee punitive action will be taken. All, the information will be reviewed objectively and each competitor involved in the incident will receive equal scrutiny. The current CMS Race Steward is Tom Cinnamon.

    8.4 Decisions on protests are final and may not be appealed.

    9. Series Specific Rules

    9.1 Each series at CMS may have additional specific rules. These can be found in the following forum threads:
    9.1.1 CMS iRacing
    9.1.2 World Racing Series (WRS - rF2)
    9.1.3 North American Racing Series (NARS - rF2)
    9.1.4 Historics
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