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Thread: MOTEC for RF2 How to's...

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    Smile MOTEC for RF2 How to's...

    1st Step MOTEC Software i2 Pro: Download

    2nd Step MOTEC Plugin: Download OR Download

    3rd Step: This is My Base Motec platform-Download you can download this it is based off of American Calculations. !!! (lbs/inches)- Follow the Install .txt works great!

    4thStep: Install the Motec software just go through the Next promps, Make sure you add all LOG files to whatever folder you want to hold your LOG files- (If yoiu download my base you will direct it to that folder in you Motec Projects folder C/Documents/Motec)......we will start adjusting things a little later!

    5th Step: MotecPlugin >Extract the entire archive to your rFactor 2 'core' folder (in the X86 Folder not the Documents folder).
    If done correctly you'll have the MotecPlugin.dll sitting beside the NetCommUtilPlugin.dll that comes with rF2.

    6th Step: Start up Rfactor 2 go to a practice, no need to race just click race, then just leave the game completley,
    There will be an Added file to you Rfactor Core files named MotecPlugin."txt" < This is the confirmation you have installed it correctly!
    Alright not so hard! Now lets introduce you to the Motec Software!, Don't worry if you feel a little Overwhelmed by the program- everyone does lol

    7th Step: Start up Motec Software- OK if you downloaded my Base the you will see that on the front screen just click "RFACTOR 2 TELEMETRY"- it will open up the program and what you re looking at is almost every function of the car- you can see at the top there are tabs that say" Engine, tire ,susp...etc I have gone through and added colors to left and right also front a rears susp ,tires etc..

    Now Go run a few laps- When you open the game and go to the infield you are going to hear three beeps- if the beeps go from high to low that means you are NOT recording- Press CONTROL + M, you will hear the beeps go from Low to High now you ARE recording!!
    Ok go run a few laps- than exit back to the pits. you will hear the NOT recording beeps- that means your telemetry has been sent to your LOG folder!

    Last step Go back to the Motec program and click on file and "GET DATA" direct it to your LOG Folder you created- In Motec press the DATA option at the top of screen- scroll down to Start Animation- and there you go you are seeing all of your telemetries you recorded!

    To change Motec Calculations to say Metric/Kh just right click onto sat the left front tire bar >Properties >Properties >UNIT down drop > press OK and there are your calculations for wherever you are on Earth lol

    Have Fun and dont be afraid to change things if you need help Motec has an Excellent help section!
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    Thanks for the writeup!

    So does the plugin work with the latest version of MOTEC? I know with the rF plugin you had to use an older version of the software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokee View Post
    Thanks for the writeup!

    So does the plugin work with the latest version of MOTEC? I know with the rF plugin you had to use an older version of the software.
    Yes the Download link is to the Latest Motec i2 Pro Software.

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    Thank you
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    Mel Garland Guest


    Thanks for the write up. One small problem step 3 download Ive got to sign up for the download site. Is there another place to download coz not to be funny I dont want to join ANOTHER download site.


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    I just installed MOTEC again, even though I already have it for rf1. I'm getting data but not very much useful information. There isn't any damper, or suspension position information. I like to use the damper histograms. Is rf2 just a bit light on data compared to rf1?

    Also when I escape back to pits I get three beeps, not the high to low sound (or whatever way it goes)
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    I got this motec running but i just don't know what I'm doing with it

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    rF2 does not have very good Motec support. A lot of info is missing and it's been this way from the beginning. But I'm sure they will get it right someday. There is still some good info to get from it even hamstrung as it is right now.

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    If anyone can't find their Motec configuration text file in the Core folder, it's stored elsewhere if you use Windows Vista/7 and have UAC turned on. In this case, take a look in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2
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    I can't seem to get it to log any data. I followed the instructions several times, I see the red plug in thing when I enter the car to drive. I wait for it to go away then enable logging. That's when I get the error sound. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    I'm not sure what I did different this 4th time installing everything, but it works now. I'm good to go!
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