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Thread: Rally Pictures

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    Let's hope this tread is as succesful as the videos tread Rally pics both in RBR and real competition.

    I kick off with the DS3 for this year:

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    Rally Sweden win

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    Here is link to my photobucket account.

    There you can find various pictures from RBR over many different rally events. Just pick sub-album from the right side of the page.

    Also here are few amateur pictures from my local rally. I was still learning the camera and most of the pictures didn't come out so good.

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    Just realised that this is now a sticky, thankyou

    a pic from my team in Sweden

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    Some from Rally Portugal, property of their owners

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Rally Greece in the Satria S2000

    bonus, my driving suit

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    Safari Rally from the CICAR Championship, last one of the season. I won it

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    Last year's DS3

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    A small gallery with some pics from a Rally car in Gran Turismo 5

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    Safari rally in the CICAR championship

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