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Thread: Post Your Setups In This Thread

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    Default 911 ST Brands Setup

    The base for this is the RSR setup over here and then I softened up the springs, reduced the bars to zero and adjusted the gearbox.

    Usual note about the steering ratio applies.

    911 ST D6R

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    Default Rfactor 1 1965 Ferrari 1512 setup for Watkins Glen

    Well after literally hundreds of laps (laps pass fast when you're having fun) this is what I ended up with at WG. I know, "big help NOW after the race is over...", but to be honest I had a fairly quick setup previously, but it just wasn't too stable, especially on corner exit. The outer loop and T8 (last before S/F) were always a handful on throttle/exit, the rear always wants to let go. Initially I went with no rear bar, soft springs, moderate bump stops and softest bump dampening....which helped, better traction, but it still wasn't where I wanted it. Then on the day before the race, I went with a stiffer spring/bar setup all around, more aggressive toe and diff (remember the tire warming discussion) and the car retained the traction characteristics while getting more stable/predictable. So you say "great...but how does that help now?", well I used my previous setup as a base for the cars in testing...and the chassis settings transferred well, so, load this with your car, adjust the gearbox and steering ratio....and see if it works for you. Of course, you also have to drive sorta like me (lf braking, throttle on downshifts to stabilize the rear...) for the setup to really work......

    65 Fer Wat DR7

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    Default Assetto Corsa - Alfa Romeo GTA Cadwell Park

    Here's my setup for the Cadwell Park race.
    I tried to make the rear more lively and maximize grip overall.
    Brake bias is very much to the front to avoid lockups at the rear in the downhill corners.
    I think it's nicely balanced for high speed corners, but it will swing around massively on slow corners if you come in too fast.
    If you find it too oversteery, a click or two down on front spring will help, lower power diff too will stabilize.

    Alfa GTA setup Cadwell Park

    Drop in following folder **\Documents\Assetto Corsa\setups\ks_alfa_romeo_gta\cadwell_park

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    Here's my "safe" setup for the RSR at Red Bull Ring.
    The car is hard to spin out and will not try to kill you. Ok it's understeery. However it wears tires more evenly and is more likely to cross the finish line.
    When light on fuel balance is better.
    To help turn-in, trail braking is advised. Works with right-foot braking.


    Link to Setup in master post :
    RSR Setup

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