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24 January - 2007 > netKar PRO news
It is time for a news flash from the netKar PRO crew. Some time has passed since our latest news message, but we have been very busy. The netKar PRO crew has worked hard on the development of a very interesting project which involves all netKar PRO customers.

The Marangoni Group, operating in various sectors of the tyre industry, was in search of a driving simulator which could realistically reproduce the most important hillclimb race in Italy: the "Trento-Bondone".

Logically, it is of extreme importance for the Marangoni Group to simulate this hillclimb race in the most authentic way. What is better than the full support of the winner of the 2006 Italian Speed Hillclimbing Championship? Simone Faggioli won the 2006 championship driving an Osella PA-21 prototype and helped the netKar PRO crew to accurately simulate this car in the netKar PRO engine.

It has been an amazing challenge for the netKar PRO crew to develop a realistic simulation of this very special type of racing. Hillclimb simulation has been never been done before in this way and we are very excited to bring it in netKar PRO. With the support of Faggioli Corse, Marangoni Tyre and Osella it has been possible to reproduce the thrilling combination of the 18 km long Trento-Bondone race course and the fabulous Osella PA-21 prototype car. It has been packed in a dedicated driving simulator, specifically designed and reserved for Marangoni promotional purposes (powered by the netKar PRO technology).

However, the great thing is that the netKar PRO crew made sure that the new content will also be made available to all netKar PRO customers. The hillclimb racing challenge will be included in a future official release of netKar PRO. Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect soon in netKar PRO. Enjoy!

More details will come soon.