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Thread: 70's GT Series Car pack And sign up Area

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    Default 70's GT Series Car pack And sign up Area

    Here is theGTL 70's Series Car Pack.7z
    Just unzip and let it overwrite your main GTL folder
    This Car Pack includes BMW's
    Vette's,911's and Capri's.
    In the event that I receive some paint jobs from you guys I will create a second download to accompany this one
    Please submit full standalone cars and not just skins as I won't have time to create full standalones.

    Pick 1 car and post here which one you will be driving for the season.
    You may switch cars only once during the season.
    First come first serve on the paint jobs...make sure y'all pick different ones from each another.
    When you post here which car(1 only) you have chosen I will add you to the list.

    Also...all these cars are almost identical in lap times so the idea is to have a good mix of cars...not just all 911's or whatever
    The 2600 Capri and '74 Corvettes are a little slower than the 3100 Capri and the'69 Vette but a whole lot easier to drive (actually there only a couple tenths off)

    1.Bob Dunlop=#4 Castrol 3.1 Capri
    2.Aaron Raistick=#12 911 RSR
    3.David Anderson=#180 "Zumtobel" Carrera 6
    4.John Rowland=#58 Agip 911 RSR
    5.Devin=#991 Duracell 911 RSR
    6.Mike Tribble=# 1 Rothmans Porsche 906
    7.Bob Eardley=#000 '69 Vette
    8.Jim Spychalla=#189 Sonax 3.1 Capri
    9.Chris Duday=#77 Motul 3.1 Capri
    10.Tim Collier=# 11 Porsche Carrera 6
    11.UmmaGumma=#4 '72 Lemans Vette
    12.Wes Tribble=#801 TRG Porsche 911 RSR
    13.Paul Rein= #49 Porsche Carrera 6
    14.Mike Hirsch=#21 Martini Racing Carrera 6
    15.Steve Hall=#9 Bilstien 2.6 Capri
    16.Mike Tyler= #? (Mike may be part time this season)
    17.Kris Tribble= #802 TRG Porsche 911 RSR
    18.Ron Schuermann=#42 Legendary Motorcar Corvette
    19.Rich Lee=#44 Flying Lizard Porsche 911 RSR
    20.Milt McCarty=#12 3.1 Mobil 1 Capri
    21.Henry Hudson=#74 Ford Escort GT
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    I'll be driving the 74 Castrol Capri #4

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    Did not see any NEW 911's in that pack.
    I would like to call dibs on the #688 BMW CSL, Pace Car Vette and the Capri #4 please.


    EDIT: Whoops, I can only pick 2, hmmm...let me try them first and I will get back to the forum.

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    Default Bob!
    You may pick one
    If for some reason you need or want to switch to a different car during the season you may do so Once.
    There are quite a few models of each but if you will be subject to whatever paint jobs that are not taken
    BTW there are 20 new 911's in the pack.
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    Aaron painted the #12 911 so he gets that one

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    I'll try the Porsche #75 911 RSR if that's available.
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    jrowland96 Guest


    I'll take the Porsche 911 RSR #58 Agip ride.

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    I'd like the #991 Duracell 911 RSR if its available.

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    Well Bob lol! Looks like everyone wants a Porsche
    david anderson | champion motorsports
    @info_cms | cms facebook | cms blogs

    my personal motorsports blog

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    The BMW CSL # 72 UFO Please


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