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Thread: A Team Champion Podium at Kyalami in '79 Grand Prix Race

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    Post A Team Champion Podium at Kyalami in '79 Grand Prix Race

    David Anderson - Green Lotus Above Would Start 4th and Finish 3rd at Kyalami Grand Prix
    After what was a tough stretch of races in the year 2006 for David Anderson of Champion Motorsports, 2007 started off on a better note, with a hard earned podium finish at the first ever 1979 Grand Prix Classics race held at the VOR league. The first race of this newly forming series was held at the famed South Africa Kyalami Circuit. Anderson would qualify on the grid in an impressive P4. Drop to the mid teens at the start due to a shaky first couple of laps, but then get his Lotus #1 (Green Pictured Above), in shape and moving back up through the field. By the end of the race he had worked his way to a 3rd place podium; holding off Mike Hirsch who would finish 4th. The race winner of the event was Jim Best, followed by Larry Ford in what was a tough test of racing in these incredibly fun ; yet challenging cars to drive. We'll try our best to track progress of the Champion Drivers that will be participating in this series at VOR here. Paul Rein and John Rowland are both driving as well and we hope to have a great time with some success in the pinnacle of racing -- GRAND PRIX!!! :)


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    Way to go David!!!!

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    Excellent run David!

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