I am sure that Bob and Wes / Mike Tribble will post more details once they get all of the server stuff finished setup for the 79 series. But since a couple of you have asked me I thought I would post a couple of things here

1. yes we have a dedicated server and it it typically up 24x7 barring any unforseen issues. We have a GT Legends Dedicated Server as well (races on thursday nights -- see this forum for details)

2. The 79 races will be on Tuesdays - plan is to start on 1/9 with the first race at Kyalami. We typically start practice that night at 8pm CST and race time is shortly after 9pm CST (usually a 15 minute qual session).

3. Password to the server is "engage" without the quotes

4. Server name in lobby is "Champion Motorpsorts Dedicated"

let me know if I missed anything ... should be fun!