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Thread: rFactor Optimization by Niels Heusinkveld

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    Default rFactor Optimization by Niels Heusinkveld

    Found this post at RSC, and thought I'd mirror it here....some excellent tips, although I disagree with the 'no vsync' suggestion, as having vsync forced on does two things...keeps your frame rates locked at your monitor's refresh rate, and also keeps you video card from over-working and over-heating. Also, I have my gas and brake pedal deadzones set to 2% so there's no chance of registering any input if I'm off the pedal. One last thing...I use 10% steering sensitivity just because the pits can be a tight environment and moving at a slow speed may require a quick response to miss another car...but that's a personal preference setting.

    Work in progress 'tips' file to get more out of rFactor.
    June 23

    Cut The Crap Settings

    These things reduce the bloat if you don't find these things neccesary:
    - You can delete all movies from the MovieFiles and UIdata\movies directory
    - You can delete all the sounds in the UIdata\UISounds directory
    - You can delete all music files in the Music directory

    Less input latency:
    - Set ''frames rendered ahead'' to 1 for Nvidia 8x00 and 9x00, and to 0 for other nVidia cards (RivaTuner vsync options)
    - Set ''flip que size'' to 0 for Ati cards to achieve the same
    - don't use vsync
    - set a 'max framerate' provided your system never drops below this, see below in the notepad section

    "realism" settings in game:
    - tripple check all the driving aids are off (perhaps not assign steering help to the 'near escape' F1 key..)
    - tripple check speed sensitive steering (0%)
    - linear (50%) sensitivities
    - 0% deadzones
    - 0% exaggerate yaw and head movement

    Force Feedback:
    - If a mod doesn't come with clear RealFeel settings, its not worth playing! (imo..)
    - G25 owners can probably lower the realfeel smoothing level to 0 or 1 and use these defaults:

    - In Game, set effects to -100% for logitech wheels
    - set effects to 'low' (no canned effects) and zero damping just in case..
    - Set your logitech software to ZERO for damping, spring and center spring.
    - Set your logitech software to ~ 102% forces for a slightly more responsive center

    "realism" settings for Notepad:

    Values below are "realistic" and essential! (imo..)


    Quick Chat #12="The Answer is 42" // ok this is just nonsense :-)

    Steering Help="0"
    Throttle Control="0"
    Brake Help="0"
    Antilock Brakes="0"
    Spin Recovery="0"
    Opposite Lock="0"
    Stability Control="0"
    Auto Clutch="0"
    Auto Lift="0"
    Auto Blip="0"
    Shift Mode="0"
    Repeat Shifts="0" // if your shifter 'bounces' (shifts twice very quickly) try 1 or 2

    [ Mechanical Failures ]
    QUICK Failure Rate="1" // non time scaled
    MULTI Failure Rate="1"

    [ Sound Options ]
    Speed Of Sound="340.00000" // normal is 300 but the real speed of sound is 340! more accurate dopler effect.

    [ Graphic Options ]
    Rearview="1" // center and side mirrors
    Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1" // if you can't see, "1" gives you 3 virtual mirrors, for safe online driving..

    Cockpit Vibration Mult1="0.06" // I dislike vibrations. Each mod / car has its own vibration magnitude
    Cockpit Vibration Freq1="15" // which gets multiplied by these numbers on the left. Lower numbers means
    Cockpit Vibration Mult2="0.03" // less view vibrations. Zero means no view shake at all. The values on the left
    Cockpit Vibration Freq2="10" // are a big reduction of the default values but feel free to zero em all.

    Exaggerate Yaw="0" // Very annoying and 'weird' when not zero even though it 'tries' to help. Zero this biatch! :-)

    Head Physics="0" // Stops even more annoying head movements
    Head Rotation="0" // and some more just in case.

    Glance Rate="33" // Quicker glancing time is money at 200mph!
    Glance Angle="1.2" // Makes the look left/right buttons look 90 degrees for a better look besides you

    Max Framerate="0" // Helps if your system is always 120+fps to set this to 120 for more smoothness less notchyness in fps.

    Depends heavily on the system. Will improve consistency in fps and input delays.

    [ Game Options ]
    Measurement Units="0" // 0 = metric, 1 = english/imperial)
    Speed Units="1" // 0 = MPH, 1 = KPH
    Damper Units="1" // 1 turns car setup damper values into actual damping rates, not just 'setting 1..10'


    Steer Ratio Speed="0" // When zero, there is no extra sharp steering at low speeds.
    Speed Sensitive Steering="0" // When 0, steering is just as sensitive at 1km/h as 300km/h as it should be!
    Gear Select Button Hold="1" // Set to 1 when you have a H shifter (and the mod supports 'no delay' shifts)
    Steering Wheel Range="900" // set to your actual wheel rotation so the graphics match your actual wheel

    Axis [00, 00] Dead Zone="0" // make sure all deadzones are zero, perhaps except brake pedal if your pot is bad
    Axis [00, 00] Sensitivity="0.5" // make sure all sensitivities are 0.5 (aka 50% aka fully linear)
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    After looking around for issues regarding the Runtime errors some have been experiencing in rFactor, I found the following thread at ISI that had a couple of utilities that were helping several people.

    The first one listed is a replacement .dll file for the DX9 driver in rFactor. Some say it works great, but mainly on nVidia cards, and others with ATI cards are also seeing better performance and error messages have disappeared. The utility is also for download at rFactorCentral at the following link:

    The second utility posted is supposed to tweak 32-bit programs running in 64-bit Windows, allowing the program access to more memory. I have not tried this one myself, as I'm not having issues (I'm running Windows 7 and have 8GB of memory), so I'd say be cautious in trying this out, but you never know. Here's a link that to utility's page:

    There's several in that thread who say both have helped, some say neither helped, and there's other forums where you see the same....yes and no. It's obviously not going to be a fix all for everyone, but for those having problems, it could be a solution, especially the .dll fix as you can easily put it back if nothing changes.

    Good luck everyone!

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    I've used the 4gb patch a couple of weeks, and showed it to a couple of other drivers that were having issues. I don't usually have CTD's, just an occasional stutter, (often about 45min into a race,?). I have had no problems with this, but can't really tell if it helped yet.

    I guess if a league is running sophisticated anti-cheat software, this might get flagged, but I haven't had any issues in any leagues I'm in.

    If you have any questions about it, I do have CFFexplorer, the program used initially for this. I think the 4gb_patch is a small version of it, to only set that one flag.

    Certainly run Gamebooster or EndItAll to stop unneeded background processes.
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    Thanks for sharing Tim, seems like some useful information that may help some folks.
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    I have tried a few if you .plr/.ini suggestions and I really like the feel it gave me, except for the Speed Sensi. lol

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