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    by Published on 06-24-2019 12:28 PM
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    The Champion Motorsports iRacing Endurance Team continues a very strong start to the iRacing VRS GT3 Endurance series in 2019 Season 3 after a great set of results at Montreal this past weekend. It was the first time for the team to run at Montreal in our Ferrari GT3 cars and results were in line with expectations. A mixture of drivers between the CMS Core Team, in the Alpha car and the Delta/CMS team took to the track on Saturday and Sunday. We had two top ten finishes in the races and find ourselves in a really good spot headed to Donington this coming weekend for round 3.

    The CMS Delta Team is off to a very strong start this season (pictured above)

    After 2 weeks here is how all of our cars are looking in the overall standings:

    • Delta/cmsracing.com #1 (7th)
    • CMS Alpha (19th)
    • Delta/cmsracing.com #2 (34th)
    • CMS Beta (114th)

    There are 228 Teams in the Championship so these are very strong results early in the season.
    by Published on 06-24-2019 12:00 PM
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    A big congratulations to the entire team of 3 cars and over 10 drivers from Champion Motorpsorts for their efforts this past weekend at Watkins Glen in the iRacing 6 Hours. We entered 3 cars over the two day splits and were pleased to have multiple finishes. The weekend was highlighted on Friday night's split by our Beta Team finishing in 10th place in a strong 50 car field. The car was driven by David Anderson, Matthew Overton, JT Tami and Vincent Marsh helping on pit wall throughout the teams night.

    CMS Beta Team finishes in 10th position at Watkins Glen 6 Hours on iRacing.com (above)

    The Beta team had quite an interesting and entertaining race. David Anderson started the race, and would have to drive most of the first 3 hours after unexpected Internet problems for JT Tami. Luckily for Tami he made the minimum number of laps with 18 of the required 17 in the books to meet our driver minimums while fighting the Internet Problem all night. Matthew Overton drove a double stint at the end to get us to the finish line in beautiful fashion with only a single incident on his night and amazing steady driving to keep the team up front. Vincent Marsh also played a critical role for the team by subbing in for JT Tami and helping on pit wall.

    The finish for the Beta team backed up another strong set of recent Endurance runs with the team solid at Nurbrugring, and Winning at Lemans. We will now begin preparations for the 24 hours of Spa in our GT3 Ferrari coming up in late July.

    We would also like to shout out to the Omega Team from Watkins Glen . They were dealt a bad call on Friday night getting collected in an incident but fought back and re-entered on Saturday again and were able to complete their weekend with a solid session.

    Great team work by everyone up to and during the race to have the results we achieve as a team and we are excited for Spa next Month!
    by Published on 06-17-2019 06:43 PM
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    Champion Motorsports will enter 3 cars in this weekend's 6 Hours of Watkins Glen on iRacing in our latest esports team based endurance race. We are proud to share a special livery which has car specific unique accents for each of the three entries as well. The drivers and team assignments for the event are:

    CMS Alpha Team - Daniel Johnson, Andrew Cheslock and Paul Slavonik
    CMS Beta Team - David Anderson, Matthew Overton and JT Tami
    CMS Omega Team - Paul Hamilton, Vincent Marsh and Jay Dargert

    We will be running in slot one and planning to stream the event live as well on twitch.tv. Slot one is Friday 6/21 at 8pm CST, Chicago time. We will post again here on the website when the stream is live.
    by Published on 06-17-2019 09:43 AM
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    Picking up right where the left off last season the Champion Motorsports iRacing Endurance team entered 3 cars this past weekend at the VRS GT3 Series Season Opener at Laguna Seca, with two of them finishing in the top 10 and one of the podium. Congratulations to the Delta/CMS team for a podium finish in 3rd overall. Additional congratulations to the Alpha Team driven by Matthew Overton and James Andrew for an 8th place finish. Also, a shout out to Paul Hamilton, Miguel Alcrudo and Andrew Cheslock for finishing in 11th in the Beta car.

    Pictured Above the Delta/CMS Team finishes in 3rd despite some body wear on their Ferrari

    Pictured Above the CMS alpha Ferrari Picks up where it left off last season with another solid top 10 finish to start this campaign

    The race was a test in challenging conditions for sure as Laguna Seca has poor lighting and the race was dusk to night transition.

    Next week the team will have a very busy weekend as many drivers will be competing in a Ferrari GTE entry at the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen as well as some drivers from the team making our first entry at Canada as well as the VRS GT3 Series will visit that venue for the first time that we have been involved.
    by Published on 06-02-2019 10:43 AM
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    A monumental win by the Champion Motorsports endurance team on iRacing.Com has just been recorded as our team has won their split in the iRacing 24 Hours of Lemans. We entered two cars this year, both in the same split. The cmsracing.com e-deportes team driven by Miguel Alcrudo, Angel Ledesma, Humberto Roca and Miguel Antonio Alcrudo have won the event, in dominating fashion leading the race for well over half of the hours recorded. A flawless drive with no damage on the car and blistering lap times in the low 3 minute 50 second range it was a drive worthy of a win.

    Pictured Above CMS Cars at Lemans in 2019

    The cmsracing.com esports team entry driven by Paul Hamilton, Jay Dargert, Lowesky Doleo, Scott Roeder, Vincent Marsh and Matthew Overton would also finish. This car had tremendous potential but was involved in an accident about 2 hours into the race, which required a major repair on pit road dropping the car laps down to the leaders. However the team would battle back, finish and show the resolve that we have come to expect from a CMS team with a 31st place finish.

    Congrats to both teams, it was truly a team effort and one that all of the drivers at Lemans representing CMS can be proud of. It truly takes a team effort to prepare and enter these races and we could not be more proud of our team!
    by Published on 06-01-2019 11:40 PM
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    We're doing it again this year. Multiple members from CMS will be represented in this race. Shawn Campbell, JT Tami (Division 1), Jon Uyan, Greg Hall, Nic da Silva (Division 2), Matt Horst, James Andrew, Jason Whited (Division 4), among others.

    Enjoy the stream!

    - Division 1 (commentary) and Division 2 (cameras only) can be switched between with the YT controls.

    by Published on 05-29-2019 06:37 PM
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    This weekend for the First Week of June 2019, the Champion Motorsports endurance iRacing Team will embark on another 24 hour test at Lemans in one of the most prestigious and famed esports events available for 24 Hours on iRacing. Fresh off of a phenomenal finish in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring the team will look to build upon that with not one but two entries at Lemans.

    Please stay tuned to our website and discord channel this weekend as well as this master thread for how the team is performing in both cars throughout the 24 hours. Action will start very early Saturday Morning June 1st around 8 am CST (Chicago). The team has two entries with one being focused on english speaking drivers and the other with latin based drivers. The lineups are as follows:

    Team #1
    cmsracing.com e-sports

    Paul Hamilton
    Jay Dargert
    Victor Marsh
    Matthew Overton
    Lowesky D'Oleo

    Team #2:
    cmsracing.com e-deportes

    Miguel Antonio Alcrudo
    Miguel Alcrudo
    Angel Ledesma
    Humberto Roca

    We will be providing updates throughout the weekend and can't wait to represent CMS on iRacing in this amazing race!!!!
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