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  • CMS at iRacing 24HRS LeMans drivers schedule and teams Announced

    This weekend for the First Week of June 2019, the Champion Motorsports endurance iRacing Team will embark on another 24 hour test at Lemans in one of the most prestigious and famed esports events available for 24 Hours on iRacing. Fresh off of a phenomenal finish in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring the team will look to build upon that with not one but two entries at Lemans.

    Please stay tuned to our website and discord channel this weekend as well as this master thread for how the team is performing in both cars throughout the 24 hours. Action will start very early Saturday Morning June 1st around 8 am CST (Chicago). The team has two entries with one being focused on english speaking drivers and the other with latin based drivers. The lineups are as follows:

    Team #1
    cmsracing.com e-sports

    Paul Hamilton
    Jay Dargert
    Victor Marsh
    Matthew Overton
    Lowesky D'Oleo

    Team #2:
    cmsracing.com e-deportes

    Miguel Antonio Alcrudo
    Miguel Alcrudo
    Angel Ledesma
    Humberto Roca

    We will be providing updates throughout the weekend and can't wait to represent CMS on iRacing in this amazing race!!!!
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    1. Miguel Alcrudo's Avatar
      Miguel Alcrudo -
      This will be a great challenge for both! The multiclass brings an element diferent to the 24hr nurburgring.. we as a comunity are entering 2 Ferrari 488's with a very complete lineups of really constant and mature drivers! We have 1 goal and is keep them clean and finish! We will not only compete with the track and what it seems being a relax one that because of the speed the level of concentration is high but we will need to be very aware of the prototypes that will appear in a blink of an eye!! We as always will try our best to endure fatigue and race circunstances to represent our comunity as drivers of respect and clean driving!

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