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  • Working My Way Towards Spec E30 - Race License!

    It's official! I know have my competition racing license! I went to VIR last Friday for competition school with the possibility of racing on Saturday and Sunday if I passed. It took me almost a year of driving with instructors and proving myself in "HPDE" days before I got approved for comp school. Comp school was an absolutely grueling day of classroom and track time. In the classroom we went over race craft and some more advanced passing and driving techniques. On the track we practiced starts, side by side racing, and flag drills. We would do about 40 minute sessions on the track. The day lasted from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm with hardly a break. The day ended with an egress test and a 30 minute written exam. I'm proud to say, I passed! I was so absolutely exhausted, I fell asleep at 8:00 that night.

    Now I was ready to race! They give you a provisional license until you complete four races incident free. That means no wrecking anyone, and no missing flags like passing under local yellow. So this made my goal clear, no wrecking people and pay attention to flags and I would consider it a successful weekend. Saturday we had a warm up session, qualifying, and a race. I managed to take 9th in qualifying out of 18 cars which I was thrilled with! We had a standing start for the race. I've done enough sim racing to know the perils of T1 so I backed way off and let the madness ensue in front of me while I tried to make it through cleanly. I made up a couple of the places I lost in the first turn before I settled into a battle for 9th with Carter Hunt. The most exciting part of my race starts around 10:41 in the video below. That's when a car got by me into Oak Tree and then we bump drafted down the back straight. I tried to follow him through on Carter but didn't quite make it. At the end of the race I managed to get Carter at the line by .05 seconds! It was an epic race! Unfortunately my in-car camera got loose on it's mount so I didn't get video of the end of the race.

    Sunday was a less exciting affair. I qualified 10th and finished 11th which involved some caution laps and a lot of open track in front of me. It was an amazing weekend and I'm super pumped to be officially racing wheel to wheel! My sim experience has helped me so much as I've gone through this process. The situational awareness, knowing what to look out for, and just being comfortable in the car are all things I attribute to sim racing. I think the most difficult thing for me so far in the transition to real racing is braking. Sim racing doesn't quite capture the violence of slowing a car down as fast as possible. Also, I'm much more aware of my mortality when I'm trying to wait until the last moment possible to brake!

    I've got a several more races planned this year including Road Atlanta, Summit Point, Carolina Motorsport Park, and Roebling Road. It's going to be awesome!

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      Amazing Kris. So awesome!
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