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  • Special Event - CMS Bathurst 100 Endurance Race Feb 10th

    We have a really fun special event with rFactor 2 happening on February 10th! It is not too late to show up and race. All the details you need are in this post including cars, tracks, server connect information, etc. We hope to see a big field at the Mt. Panorama 100 this Sunday!!!

    This is the third collaborative effort between CMS and SimHQ Motorsports to see if the audience is interested in running a short "Euro-friendly" race series on Sundays.

    Date: Sunday, February 10th
    Server Reboot @ 5:30 PM GMT / 12:30 PM EST
    Start Time: 6 PM GMT / 1 PM EST, 12 PM CST, 11 AM MST, 10 AM PST

    Warm Up / Drivers Meeting / Set Grid - 15 Minutes
    Race 100 minutes

    Hotlap Challenge Now Open!

    Open server hotlap competition until February 9th will determine pole for the February 10th race. LiveRacers is recording. No password on the server so have at it!

    Solo Drive or Teams

    Driver swaps are welcome but not mandatory! There will be one class for all entries


    There is no registration for this event. Just show up and start driving!

    If you would like to list your planned ride and if you're doing solo or team, add it to this thread.

    rFactor 2 Build

    We will use the latest retail build of rF2


    We will be using the 2 Studio 397 GT3 car packs.

    GT3 pack:
    McLaren 650S GT3
    Mercedes AMG GT3
    Radical RXC Turbo GT3
    Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R
    Bentley Continental GT3


    GT3 challengers pack:
    McLaren 720S GT3
    Audi R8 LMS GT3
    Porsche 911 GT3 R
    BMW M6 GT3
    Aston Martin Vantage GT3



    Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil.../?id=537639404

    LiveRacers Timing & Scoring


    Race Comms

    1) Discord is required for the drivers meeting during warmup. Then you're welcome to leave the channel if you want.

    2) The drivers meeting will be verbal over Discord.

    3) CMS Discord comms is required, but only to monitor the drivers meeting and monitor race control during the event. You do not need a microphone if you do not want to speak.

    4) A request to drivers to please be brief in you communication on Discord. One sentence then quiet is requested.

    5) Abusive and/or profane in-game chat, Discord or forum post language or deliberate crash into competitor's car may lead to that driver receiving probation, suspension or ban from the league.

    Race Start

    1) Start is set for standing grid.

    2) Once the lights go green, SLOWLY roll off the grid and get in single file.

    3) All cars will remain in single file, no passing until AFTER the the start of the race.

    4) Once you have exited 19 and gone under the LPS Equipment board, your race has started.

    Race Restart Conditions

    There are two conditions that will prompt ONE race restart:

    1) The server has a technical problem and crashes.

    2) A driver disconnects when the server advances from Warm Up to the Race.

    In either situation, the server will be restarted and the process of loading the grid will begin again.

    Orange Zone

    1) The entire first lap is the Orange Zone.

    2) After you cross Start/Finish to begin your second lap, you are out of the Orange Zone.


    Driving View is open
    Auto Clutch
    Traction Control

    Custom Skins

    1) Custom skin uploading is welcome and encouraged, but please log onto the server a couple days before the race so your dds file will get uploaded properly.

    2) If everyone waits until race day, it may clog the server and necessitate that we disable custom skin uploading.

    3) Please use only single car .dds files, not multi-packed .mas files.


    Penalties can be applied one of 3 ways:

    1) rFactor 2 system delegated penalties (all must be served, and are not in admin control).

    2) Upheld Incident Reports via Race Review Team.

    3) During the race for a Start infraction via Race Review Team.

    CMS League Rules and Regulations will be in effect for this event.

    Additional Driver Notes

    1) Don't Press Esc! UNDQ is available on the server. If a driver gets a DQ. DO NOT TOUCH ANY KEYS ESPECIALLY THE ESC KEY! An admin will see you are DQ and will UNDQ you. IMPORTANT! If it is still early light turn your headlights on before moving out of the garage or rF2 will DQ you again!

    2) Open setups, but we encourage everyone to share!

    3) It is STRONGLY advised drivers reboot their computer just prior to joining the server on race day. The track is a whopper, and can drag down the computer memory and resources so some extra precautions are necessary.

    Server Online for Hotlap Qualifying Competition

    Name: CMS Bathurst 100
    Password: (no password until raceday)
    Password on Race Day: rockandroll

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