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  • Final Results from Assetto Corsa Competizione Holiday Hotlap Contest!

    Congratulations to Dion Faraos for winning our Annual Holiday Hotlap Contest! The contest is always so much fun around the month of December and this year was no exception. We ran with Assetto Corsa Competizione which is currently in Steam Early access, and the challenge was to pick a single car and run four hotlaps at the included tracks, with your overall combined time from each counting. Dion was amazingly fast and took the crown by 3 seconds over Mihaly Martin. Tom Dilbero had a very strong showing to round out 3rd. Here are the complete results and a video of one of Dion's hotlaps from the contest!

    Driver Name Car Misano Nurburgring Paul Ricard Hungaroring Total Time
    Dionsyi Faraos Ferrari GT3 01:36.7 01:55.3 01:56.8 01:45.3 07:14.1
    Mihaly Martin Ferrari GT3 01:37.5 01:55.6 01:58.4 01:46.3 07:17.8
    Tom Dilibero BMW GT3 01:36.9 01:57.6 01:57.2 01:47.3 07:19.0
    Larry Thomas BMW GT3 01:38.0 01:57.5 01:58.7 01:47.6 07:21.8
    David Anderson Bentley GT3 01:38.8 01:58.5 01:59.2 01:47.3 07:23.8
    JT Tami Lambo GT3 01:38.4 01:59.6 01:58.8 01:48.1 07:24.9
    Jorge Rivera BMW GT3 01:40.3 02:00.6 02:01.3 01:49.2 07:31.4
    Warren McGary Lambo GT3 01:39.6 02:01.4 02:00.7 01:49.8 07:31.5

    Take a look at one of the winning hotlaps from Dion here on youtube from Nurburgring

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Holiday Hotlap Contest Now through January 6th - Assetto Corsa Competizione! started by davidan View original post
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