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  • rFactor 2 2018 Championship Winner Trophies Revealed!

    Here are our winners from the Autumn 2018 rFactor 2 Sportscar Series here at Champion Motorsports with their trophies! Congratulations to JT and Eric!!! We are excited to start a new series in early 2019 with signups and organization now happening on the forums!

    JT Tami winner of Group 1

    Eric Klister winner of Group 2

    No promises of such great trophies in future series but we will try our hardest to make sure everyone has a great time!!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: NARS 2018 Autumn Series follow up started by Don Fryman View original post
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. AngeloRacer's Avatar
      AngeloRacer -
      Hahaha, nice! Congrats fellas.
    1. Val Hoggard's Avatar
      Val Hoggard -
      Congratulations JT and Eric!
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