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  • 2018 NARS Autumn Series & News About 2019 Series

    NARS Background

    The North America Racing Series, or NARS has been a longtime racing series at CMS. But as the woes with rFactor2 evolved and drivers schedules got crazier, so did the enthusiasm for the Thursday Night events intended to appeal to the Americas audience for its "after work" evening race times. The double-digit race grid diminished as the series got deep in races. By the end of a series, NARS was getting down to a few cars and drivers. The bleeding needed to stop.

    NARS Triage

    David Anderson, the creator and proprietor of Champion Motorsports decided to bring in a couple of crusty old rF2 gunslingers to clean up the town. They are Don Fryman and Doug Atkinson. These guys have more years in rFactor and rFactor2 than some of the drivers have birthdays.

    Did it Work?

    The first NARS series to implement some new ideas and new configurations has just completed, the 2018 NARS Autumn Series. The LMP3 Norma was the spec car for the series. Among the changes were to keep races at 60 minutes except for the finale. Reduce the number of races to 8 events. And probably the most dramatic of all, use a best 6 or 8 races for drivers to score points. That way if a driver can make all 8 races, great! But if life gets in the way of the drivers, they drop 2 of the events and are still competitive in the series.

    Now that all 8 races are done, and the points calculated, it can be said the "6 of 8" helped the entry grid. The shorter races seemed to be appreciated. The two class system was working well but it hit a snag that will be rectified in the next NARS series. Arguably the progressive points system was more of a wart than benefit, so that has been scrapped.

    During the 8 races, 27 drivers drove a total 5506 laps. The goal was a constant 20 drivers on the Thursday night grid. While that didn't happen, there was a decent following for each event and some races went over the 20 mark.


    Congratulations to JT Tami, winner of Group 1!

    And to the Group 1 podium:
    Silver - Jon Uyan
    Bronze - Tom Nasella

    Congratulations to Eric Klister, winner of Group 2!

    And to the Group 2 podium:
    Silver - Tony Boynton
    Bronze - Scott Beck

    In addition to winning Group 1, JT Tami also wins the "Most Laps" award, besting Jon Uyan by one lap. Close! JT will receive a $25 USD gift certificate from Steam for recognition of his lap driving achievement.

    What's Next in 2019 NARS?

    Don and Doug have reloaded their six-shooters and are ready to announce the next NARS series. That would actually be two NARS series.

    In a late night discussion, Don had a real brainstorm. With the NARS endurance series running every couple of weeks, David is paying to keep the lights on and the track open.

    So the next NARS series, there will be a series for the Endurance GTE cars from S397. Those will be the 60 minute races with best 6 of 8 results. A static points system, and no promotion to the other class after the 5th race. The event schedule is:

    CMS 2019 NARS Winter Endurance Series

    Jan 31 - Barbagallo (60 minutes)
    Feb 21 - Bahrain (60 minutes)
    Mar 7 - Road Atlanta (60 minutes)
    Mar 21 - Sebring S397 (90 minutes)
    Mar 4 - Croft (60 minutes)
    Apr 18 - Zandvoort (60 minutes)
    May 2 - Rouen 1955 (60 minutes)
    May 16 - Bathurst (90 minutes)

    But wait, there's more!

    As mentioned earlier, the second NARS series is Don's terrific brainstorm. It will be based on the GT3 cars from S397 add-on pack. The racing will be two 20-minute races with the second race an inverted grid from the first race finish. This will be a 16 race series (2 to a night) with no "best of" scoring. The damage will be 100% with rF2's realistic recovery settings active. There will be live admin tossing pink slips during the races. You can use any GT3 car you want and switch per race or per week or stay in the same car throughout the series. Finally, the tracks will be the same as the Endurance Series.

    CMS 2019 NARS Winter Sprint Series

    Jan 24 - Barbagallo (2x 20 minutes)
    Feb 7 - Bahrain (2x 20 minutes)
    Feb 28 - Road Atlanta (2x 20 minutes)
    Mar 14 - Sebring S397 (2x 20 minutes)
    Mar 28 - Croft (2x 20 minutes)
    Apr 11 - Zandvoort (2x 20 minutes)
    Apr 25 - Rouen 1955 (2x 20 minutes)
    May 9 - Bathurst (2x 20 minutes)

    Anyone who runs both events -- the two sprint races and the endurance race for the track -- gets 5 points added to their Endurance Series points total and their Sprint Series points total. We want you to run both series so "free points" should be a good hook. The Sprints will always run the week before the Endurance race.

    More will be posted on the two NARS Winter Series after the Ten Laps of The Green Hell race.

    Until then, please add questions or comments to this linked thread.

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    1. Don Fryman's Avatar
      Don Fryman -
      Here are the Trophies we had made up for the 2 class winners.
      Hopefully we can get a selfie from each once they receive them
      Attachment 13013
    1. davidan's Avatar
      davidan -
      So cool and yes, lets get those pics and post them on the site!
    1. Jon Uyan's Avatar
      Jon Uyan -
      Crap! Didn't know there was going to be cool trophies. Could've go after JT. Tami a lot harder in that last race.
    1. Tom's Avatar
      Tom -
      Very nice trophies....congrats guys.

      I plan on doing as many of both series as I can and thanks for making the schedule the same for both. For me that's a big help because it take me forever to get up to (whatever) speed I can muster. (Sure am glad I quit bowling on Thursday nights ((which I had done for about a zillion years)) so I can do this. Now I have twice as many reasons.
    1. Jason Whited's Avatar
      Jason Whited -
      Congrats JT and Eric.
      Nice trophies. ...I'm jealous
    1. mightyturtle's Avatar
      mightyturtle -
      Wow, that is super cool! As I mentioned to Don, totally was not expecting that, and I truly feel like the kudos should all go to him and the admin team, and the competitors who make the series such great fun.
    1. Riverside's Avatar
      Riverside -
      Would love to join at least sprint series, let me know when registration is on, : )
    1. Riverside's Avatar
      Riverside -
      One more thing, the new RFChallengers GT3 pack is released this weekend, will we be able to add those cars to the Sprint series?

      Should all of us save up some of the xmas money to buy the pack?
    1. Jon Uyan's Avatar
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