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  • CMS Member Jason Whited Makes Top 30 in McLaren Shadow Competition

    A huge congratulations to our own Jason Whited for placing in the top 30 and qualifying for the race shootout in the highly coveted "McLaren Shadow Simracing Competition". This is a world wide contest sponsored by McLaren with some huge prizes and game changing opportunities for simracers. Jason was fast from the the very start in qualifying rounds and was able to make it to the race. Here is a recap video of the race for anyone that would like to enjoy.

    Round 3 of the contest is now underway as well and our members, including Jason that are participating are discussing on our e-sports forum area at this link
    This article was originally published in forum thread: McLaren Shadow Competition started by Jason Whited View original post
    Comments 15 Comments
    1. DaveS's Avatar
      DaveS -
      Way to go Jason, congrat's and good luck at the showdown
    1. Doug Atkinson's Avatar
      Doug Atkinson -
      Congratulations, Jason! That is a big sim racing accomplishment considering the competition!
    1. Peterftm's Avatar
      Peterftm -
      Congratulations Jason.
    1. TwoFlatTires's Avatar
      TwoFlatTires -
      Well done, Jason!
    1. mms's Avatar
      mms -
      Great job Jason, gratz!!!
    1. Don Fryman's Avatar
      Don Fryman -
      Where's that LIKE button when you need it??

      Great job Jason!!
    1. HeatCAN's Avatar
      HeatCAN -
    1. Tom's Avatar
      Tom -
      Excellent, Jason.....you da man!
    1. jham's Avatar
      jham -
      Atta Boy!!
    1. Swordsman's Avatar
      Swordsman -
      Impressive time with this car.
    1. Jason Whited's Avatar
      Jason Whited -
      Thanks, guys.
    1. Jon Uyan's Avatar
      Jon Uyan -
      Watched the video last night. Awesome effort Jason. Hope you continue.
    1. MatthewOverton's Avatar
      MatthewOverton -
      Great job Jason!
    1. Denis Turcotte's Avatar
      Denis Turcotte -
      Grats Jason..:Clap clap: I know now why i have difficulty to beat you ( heheeee)
    1. motocan's Avatar
      motocan -
      Great acheivment Jason, congrats
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