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  • iRacing Season 4 2018 Endurance Series - Championship - Sign-up Now!

    We are very excited to announce plans for the CMS iRacing Endurance Team to compete in the full season during iRacing 2018 Season 4. We are now accepting sign-ups to be on the team for the season. You can race all or selected events that you are available. Our ask is that you visit the link here to sign-up in slots and dates that you think will work best for you, and join us here on the forums as well as our discord channel for further discussion and planning for each event!

    Races are 6 hours in length on Saturday Afternoons from 2 pm to 8 pm Central Standard USA Time, Chicago. This is GMT - 6. Please feel free to post questions, else let's start doing some planing and racing for all of these great events. The full schedule is:

    • Sept 22 - Road America
    • October 6 - Daytona
    • October 20 - Sebring
    • Nov 3 - Monza
    • Nov 17 - COTA
    • Dec 1 - Nurburgring

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    1. Christopher Snow's Avatar
      Christopher Snow -
      Bad link, David (sign-up). Presumably this is where the actual series details are, and the first thing I would need to see is how good I have be in iRacing. Because I'm still at the bottom (at whatever level that is (F?! F-?! )).
    1. davidan's Avatar
      davidan -
      Is anyone else having trouble accessing the link? I see Paul Hamilton got to it -- and I am able to access it fine. I think you need a Class D license to participate Chris, but that is pretty easy to achieve.
    1. Don Fryman's Avatar
      Don Fryman -
      I get a "DNS Error" when clicking on the link
    1. davidan's Avatar
      davidan -
      Ok guys, try this link tell me if it's any better
    1. Don Fryman's Avatar
      Don Fryman -
      That one works David!!
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