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    by Published on 04-12-2019 07:32 PM
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    2. Assetto Corsa

    We are very excited about the final release of Assetto Corsa Competizione coming on 5/29/2019, and equally excited that our series to simulate the Blancpain 2019 season will commence here at CMS on Monday nights beginning June 3rd, 2019.

    Check out the release video and visit our ACC Monday Night league area on the forums to sign up for the new league here at CMS! All skill levels are welcome.

    by Published on 04-12-2019 07:29 PM

    Featuring a total of 6 vehicles and 4 unique venues in 10 different layouts, mixing world-class race tracks such as Imola and VIR with exotic locations such as Ibarra and Guaporé; powerful modern prototypes such as the Metalmoro AJR with the challenging Formula Vee trainer, the Reiza rF2 Bundle combines the diverse content developed with quality standards and attention to detail Reiza became known for, with rFactor 2´s advanced simulation technology for a powerful sim racing experience!

    Items from the bundle can be purchased individually as well as in packs:

    Track Pack: https://store.steampowered.com/items...0/detail/1007/

    Car Pack: https://store.steampowered.com/items...0/detail/1008/

    And finally the complete Bundle featuring all items in a single specially priced purchase: https://store.steampowered.com/items...0/detail/1006/


    Virginia International Raceway (commonly known as "VIR") is a race track located in Alton, Virginia VIR is an incredibly beautiful and diverse racetrack allowing for numerous configurations, suiting all types of categories from small club cars to big GT and powerful prototypes.

    The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola, better known as Imola, has hosted both the Italian and San Marino Grand Prix 28 times in total. This rF2 track comes in two versions: the classic, dangerous 1972 layout surrounded by nearby barriers before the introduction of chicanes to reduce its high speed nature, along with the current configuration fully adapted to modern standards but still retaining a lot of the unique challenges that made it famous.

    Autódromo Internacional de Guaporé is a motorsports circuit in Guaporé, a small city in southern Brazil. It is one of the oldest race tracks in the country and traditionally hosts a variety of different categories, ranging from Classic tintops, modern endurance prototypes to racing trucks.

    The Autódromo Internacional de Yahuarcocha, is located in Ibarra, Ecuador. It´s unique layout flowing around and in between a lake, mountains and even a vulcano makes it an unique driving experience.

    Formula Vee
    This popular trainer formula car is heavily based on parts from the classic VW Beetle. Its open differential and swing axle rear suspension makes it a constant challenge and ideal tool to develop your driving skills.

    MCR Sports 2000
    The MCR S2000 is an incredibly nimble 500kg British prototype features an I4 Duratec engine, and is popular racer both for its driving fun as well as close wheel-to-wheel races.

    Metalmoro MR18
    The MR18 is a succesful mid-range endurance prototype from Brazilian manufacturer Metalmoro. It features a Honda K20 I4 Turbo engine.

    Metalmoro AJR
    The AJR is the latest high-performance prototype from Brazilian manufacturer Metalmoro. Capable matching the performance of a modern LMP2 car, this versatile prototype can be used with a range of different engines - the rF2 version features versions with Honda K20 I4 Turbo, Powertec V8, Chevrolet V8 and Judd V10.

    Puma GTE
    A sensation among Brazilian car enthusiasts from the 70s, the GTE is a modified version of the VW Beetle, featuring the same mechanics of the Brazilian Fusca with a lower, light weight fiberglass bodywork in an iconic design. The rFactor2 version is modeled after the original car and runs on radial tyres.

    Puma P052
    The P052 is a modern re-imagination of the 70s Brazilian classic, it retains many of the pure driving attributes that made the originals so popular in Brazil. The current prototype as modeled in rFactor2 runs with tuned MIVEC engine, 5-speed gearbox and slick tyres.

    Please post feedback, bug reports and questions regarding the items in this release here.

    For questions regarding rFactor2 itself, please use Studio 397´s forum.

    Credit for thread content since I was lazy and straight up plagiarized this
    by Published on 04-11-2019 06:02 PM
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    2. eSports

    The Champion Motorsports rFactor 2 eSports Team will be live on April 13th from the 8 Hours of Silverstone, starting at 7 am CST (Chicago). Drivers include JT Tami, David Anderson and Vincent Marsh in our BMW M8 GTE car! Check out our progress and follow the team live on the broadcast at:

    by Published on 04-06-2019 09:22 PM
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    2. iRacing,
    3. eSports

    Another first this week for the Champion Motorsports esports iRacing Endurance team as for the first time in team history we would enter a total of four cars in a race. For this week's VRS GT3 Series Enduro at Sebring we had our Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega Ferrari GT3 cars all entered. What's even better news is that they would all finish the race. Led by another strong performance from the Omega car, in 11th place overall and a great first drive by Mike Sargent, and one of James Andrew's stronger runs of the year. The Omega car was steady and solid from the drop of the green flag, and it showed with a great finish.

    Pictured Above James Andrew drives the CMS Omega Ferrari GT3 to another very solid finish in back-to-back weeks!

    Unfortunately a single early race accident collected all three of the other cars, giving them all setbacks of various degrees. Luckily it was somewhat minor for the Beta Team driven by Paul Hamilton and Jay Dargert and they would recover to a solid top 15 finish with 14th overall. It was a bit harder for the newly driven Gamma team in the cars first race. Matthew Overton behind the wheel and paired up with Doug Ritter. They would take a bit more damage, but also recover well for a 16th place overall finish.

    The Alpha team was not so lucky as they took the brunt of the damage in the accident caused by another car, and would have to spend 30 minutes on pit road for major repairs. To make things even more dramatic for the Alpha car there was a technical issue and Mike Tyler was unable to get in in the car properly to take over driving duties from David Anderson. However, quickly turning a negative into a positive the CMS Community rallied in a big way. After seeing a cry for help and emergency post Larry Ford jumped in and got in the car for CMS and joined David so that the car could continue and be officially scored. Dropping all the way back at one point to the last place, David and Larry overcame the odds, and drove the car back up to a 23rd place finish and salvaged some critical championship points for the Alpha car.

    Four weeks in the Alpha car now finds itself a solid top 25 in overall points of over 300 teams, with the Beta Car in the top 40 and the Omega car quickly gaining after two solid finishes in back to back weeks.

    Next up the team will head out West to California and Laguna Seca next weekend for round 5!
    by Published on 03-31-2019 06:36 PM
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    2. eSports

    We are very excited to announce another great weekend of endurance racing and solid results from the cmsracing.com esports iRacing Team! This week we were in The United States for the first time this season and we would be running at the famed Road Atlanta, home of the Petit Lemans. This was would be an all GT3 field, and for the first time in the season our Alpha car would qualify for top split. With our Omega and Beta cars running in the 2nd split.

    Daniel Johnson and Doug Ritter managed to drive the Alpha car to a very solid top 20 finish, coming in 17th overall in the top split and gaining over 100 Championship points. The effort moved the Alpha car into a solid top 20 in the season standings as well which is very impressive three races in.

    The bigger story was yet another top 10 to make us have at least one of our team cars in the top 10 in every race so far this season. This time the finish would come at the hands of JT Tami and Mike Tyler. JT Drove a beautiful race and Mike made his season debut and contributed solid runs for the team as well to have a great start to his season!

    Here is a screenshot of the Omega and Beta cars at Road Atlanta!

    Congrats to the team! This week we welcome another new team member, Mike Sargent and we are considering launching a 4th car into the team stable, which will be named cmsracing.com Gamma. We are still welcoming any cms member in good standing to join us.

    This weekend's race will be at Sebring on Sunday 4/7. Come join us on the official cms discord server and get involved with the team! It's great stuff!
    by Published on 03-30-2019 07:06 PM
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    2. Members

    It's official! I know have my competition racing license! I went to VIR last Friday for competition school with the possibility of racing on Saturday and Sunday if I passed. It took me almost a year of driving with instructors and proving myself in "HPDE" days before I got approved for comp school. Comp school was an absolutely grueling day of classroom and track time. In the classroom we went over race craft and some more advanced passing and driving techniques. On the track we practiced starts, side by side racing, and flag drills. We would do about 40 minute sessions on the track. The day lasted from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm with hardly a break. The day ended with an egress test and a 30 minute written exam. I'm proud to say, I passed! I was so absolutely exhausted, I fell asleep at 8:00 that night.

    Now I was ready to race! They give you a provisional license until you complete four races incident free. That means no wrecking anyone, and no missing flags like passing under local yellow. So this made my goal clear, no wrecking people and pay attention to flags and I would consider it a successful weekend. Saturday we had a warm up session, qualifying, and a race. I managed to take 9th in qualifying out of 18 cars which I was thrilled with! We had a standing start for the race. I've done enough sim racing to know the perils of T1 so I backed way off and let the madness ensue in front of me while I tried to make it through cleanly. I made up a couple of the places I lost in the first turn before I settled into a battle for 9th with Carter Hunt. The most exciting part of my race starts around 10:41 in the video below. That's when a car got by me into Oak Tree and then we bump drafted down the back straight. I tried to follow him through on Carter but didn't quite make it. At the end of the race I managed to get Carter at the line by .05 seconds! It was an epic race! Unfortunately my in-car camera got loose on it's mount so I didn't get video of the end of the race.

    Sunday was a less exciting affair. I qualified 10th and finished 11th which involved some caution laps and a lot of open track in front of me. It was an amazing weekend and I'm super pumped to be officially racing wheel to wheel! My sim experience has helped me so much as I've gone through this process. The situational awareness, knowing what to look out for, and just being comfortable in the car are all things I attribute to sim racing. I think the most difficult thing for me so far in the transition to real racing is braking. Sim racing doesn't quite capture the violence of slowing a car down as fast as possible. Also, I'm much more aware of my mortality when I'm trying to wait until the last moment possible to brake!

    I've got a several more races planned this year including Road Atlanta, Summit Point, Carolina Motorsport Park, and Roebling Road. It's going to be awesome!

    by Published on 03-28-2019 09:08 AM
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    2. Rallying

    My stable rally..
    Drove leg1 today in my beatiful Yaris WRC. Early scare at SS1Hondaberria where I was to hot into a bend midway and killed a spectator with the big rear spoiler. half minute lost. After that it was safe and no drama..
    Amazing battle with Wolfgang
    Replay from SS2 sorica

    Results leg1 in box

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